Hotel operator Archipelago International expands into the Middle East [Construction Report]

by | 27 Feb 2020 | Portfolio

Maison Privee and Archipelago International will collaborate on future projects. (Photo: Hospitalitynet)

Southeast Asian hotel operator Archipelago International signs deal with Dubai management company Maison Privee to drive growth in both regions.

Archipelago International teams up with Maison Privee for a new Middle Eastern expansion in Dubai.

One of the few deals of its kind in the UAE, the partnership will be mutually beneficial for both parties.

We find out more.

Archipelago International sets its sight on Middle East

Independent hotel operator Archipelago International has signed a licensing agreement with Dubai’s corporate rental and management company Maison Privee.

The agreement will facilitate Archipelago’s expansion into the Middle East and allow Maison Privee access to Archipelago International’s corporate infrastructure in Southeast Asia, where the company is based.

Gerard Byrne, Managing Director of Archipelago Overseas, commented on the deal, saying, “While not unique in the international context, this is the first deal of its kind in the UAE, and not only serves to complement the government’s strategic accommodation goals for Expo 2020 but also gives our Southeast Asian customers a broader choice when visiting Dubai directly or via the holy cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as part of an Umrah or Hajj plus pilgrim package.”

Hospitality reigns supreme in Middle East

The hospitality and tourism sector is one of the fastest-growing in the Middle East, with many countries opening up and becoming more liberal, something which is attracting tourists like never before.

Religion is still a huge driver of tourism, especially in Saudi Arabia, and Archipelago International intends to strengthen its foothold in the sector in the UAE.

Maison Privee is one of Dubai’s most quickly growing holiday home and corporate rental management agencies, and this new relationship will allow Archipelago to enter the market with the upscale “Maison Privee powered by Aston” brand.

Paul Mallee and Rami Shamaa, co-founders of Maison Privee said, “Having successfully secured significant private Series A investment in 2018, it was vital that we created the right environment for that investment to work and to help us achieve our ambitious growth targets over the next three years.

“Archipelago provides us with this platform and together with the brand equity of Aston and Archipelago’s reputation generally, both in this region and in Southeast Asia, we feel very confident about this next stage of our development,” they elaborated.


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Archipelago International is a hospitality management company managing hotels, resorts, apartments and villas in Asia Pacific.


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