Sofitel Mexico City Reforma is capital’s first luxury hotel in 10 years

by | 23 Mar 2020 | Design

The Sofitel Mexico City opens in Reforma.

The Sofitel Mexico City Reforma, whose design team includes global interior architecture firm Wilson Associates’ Dallas studio, focuses its lens firmly on art.

France meets Mexico in Sofitel’s inaugural offering in Mexico City.

Located in the Reforma district near the city’s French-inspired boulevard, the Sofitel Mexico City Reforma is focusing its lens firmly on art and design.

We find out more about the newest addition to the capital’s luxury hotel portfolio, with Wilson Associates’ Dallas studio working on the design of the guest rooms, spa and meeting spaces.

French-inspired luxury in Mexico City

Step into the new Sofitel Mexico City Reforma and you enter a world where two cultures collide. Accor’s luxury brand has landed in the Mexican capital, making it not only Sofitel’s debut in the country, but also the first luxury hotel to open in the city in over a decade, and it’s definitely making a statement.

Drawing inspiration from the Sofitel brand’s French roots, as well as the rich culture and history of Mexico City, the Wilson Associates design team created an immersive experience for hotel guests and local visitors alike –– highlighting the vibrant Mexican culture within a chic, French context. Sofitel Mexico City showcases interiors inspired by two iconic architects from the 20th Century: Swiss-born French architect Le Corbusier and Mexican architect Luis Barragan. Representing the unique aesthetic of these two masters, Sofitel Mexico City embodies characteristics of the Modernist Movement through rich color palettes, spatial design and art curation.

The new property is a Franco-Mexican mélange, and both cultures are celebrated in this stylish hotel, which oozes French sophistication alongside the flare and vibrancy of Mexican culture. In the restaurant, you’ll find local produce prepared in a French style, and in the bar, you’ll be able to sample classic cocktails made with traditional tequila and mezcal.

Comfort and class

The hotel’s location in the heart of Mexico City’s historic Reforma neighbourhood and overlooking the iconic Angel of Independence statue couldn’t be better.

It also benefits from the verticality of its towering form, meaning that guests staying in one of the 275 guest rooms, including 56 suites, will be treated to panoramic views of this fascinating and visually captivating city.

All elements of the hotel have been considered in careful detail, and its perhaps most stunning design feature is the incorporation of a brand-new luxury bar into the retained facade of a historical structure on the ground floor.

The guest rooms are the perfect blend of comfort and class, boasting high-quality furnishings and fixtures, which can be found within a minimalist setting that places the focus firmly on a fresh, airy and relaxing environment.

The real drama can be found in the pool and spa area. Sofitel has teamed up with French beauty and wellness brand L’Occitane for its state-of-the-art spa, which offers guests the chance to indulge in some pre-Hispanic rituals mixed with modern-day treatments.

The pool area’s design is eye-catching, with moody lighting and opulent decorative tiles contrasted with the expanse of sky that can be seen through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

This drama is also brought into the bathrooms of the junior suites, where bathtubs are set near the window so bathers can have a private view of the city while they soak.

The art of Sofitel

Given that the hotel is close to some of Mexico City’s most important cultural and artistic institutions, it is fitting that the property itself should have a strong focus on art.

Sofitel partnered with four local artists to create large scale murals in the trendy neighbourhoods of Condesa and Roma, and guests are invited to explore these areas and look out for the art scapes.

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Sofitel is the only French luxury hotel brand with a presence on five continents.


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