Wall&decò – The new Contemporary Wallpaper Collection 2022

by | 23 Feb 2022 | Products

Perugino wallpaper, designed by Eva Germani

The Contemporary Wallpaper Collection 2022 is now ready to be discovered with its new atmospheres.

72 new designs grouped into three moodboards that set out the new collection in an original geography of graphics and colours.

The three concepts are developed around manifold creations – in terms of styles – of designers, with a diversified result, in both visual and photographic representation.

In the Deep Nature moodboard, nature enters surfaces and construction materials, creating authentic settings that mark out calm and balanced rhythms of life. On the one hand, a nature filtered through a lens that makes it abstract and rarefied, and on the other, a more ancestral nature, with a reference to the cave hut, featuring darker tones intertwined with the earth.

Red Heart is defined by a colour rather than a stylistic feature: a tribute to red, the subtle leitmotif of design over the decades, reinterpreted to create sophisticated settings. The elegance of red emerges and is emphasised by careful colour combinations with the furnishings and surfaces.

Heritage tells how the ambience of today comes from what we have, and what we manage to preserve, from the past. Objects and details from family heritage enhance the environment, making it unique thanks to the history they tell and pass on. A stratification of materials, geometries and, last but not least, of lives creates a new contemporaneity, a skilful mix of past and present, which is elegant and never chaotic.

The New Contemporary Wallpaper Collection 2022 can be discovered at the WeMU – Wall&decò Experience Museum.

The virtual museum allows a veritable museum visit, with the chance to contemplate all graphics on display, explore content and enjoy audio contributions, which accompany you along this extraordinary journey offered by the designers themselves who narrate their graphics.

Discover WeMu: http://www.wallanddeco.com/wemu2