The new Contemporary Wallpaper Collection 2023

The extensive Contemporary Wallpaper 2023 interior collection is presented in 3 new inspirational mood boards - 71 original graphics gather input and reflections from Wall&decò's rich portfolio of designers to create an unusual map of styles and colours.



A digital universe that aims to be a futuristic celebration of the world: bright, optimistic and visually imposing itself through saturated colour combinations. In this backlit, fresh and playful world we look at colour in a new way, through powerful and impactful tones that enjoy a captivating vividness in technicolour. 



An exploration at the opposite end of the spectrum, in which analogue rejects the digital by staging a world of materialness and extreme craftsmanship. The strictly natural colours and textures: earth, sand, terracotta and straw, define the luminous and inviting spaces of a domestic cocoon, the ultimate oasis of peacefulness.


An explosion of both previous moodboards, culminating in a distillation of nothing but the essential. Another reality, the stillness of a wordless world, conveyed by the absence of colour. Here grey takes centre stage, in an exploration of all its tones. Gray generates three-dimensionality, as it is also made of light and metal. 


“I especially love this collection and would like to thank our designers for the way they have been able to interpret the 3 initial moodboards – each with their own visual code and technique, with very different solutions but united by a common thread: a daring and unassuming aesthetic that is at the same time extremely sophisticated. 

Because Wall&decò is just that: visual proposals with a strong personality, which give rise to suggestive interiors that rouse emotions through colour and creativity”. 

Christian Benini, Founder and Creative Director 

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