Wall&decò | Essential Wallpaper 2023. The new collection

Essential, like its name. Textured, three-dimensional, elegant. To be touched by the eyes and listened to by the hands.

The new Essential Wallpaper 2023 Collection consists of four new patterns – each available in three colour variants – and bears the signature of Studiopepe for their fourth collection and Zanellato/Bortotto, a new entry in the portfolio of Wall&decò designers.

The salt pans of Cervia, ancient origami, bright-eyed owls: art and nature outline new inspirations. Voids and solids, furrows and incisions, and primordial geometries restore the expressive power of a landscape of the heart, a mysterious animal, and an ancient tradition.

More specifically, Studiopepe’s patterns are freely inspired by traditional Japanese paper folding techniques. In FUKURO, ‘owl’ in Japanese, the silhouettes are reminiscent of these stylized night animals emerging from the forest’s darkness with silver reflections and bright eyes. In HOSHI, ‘straw’ in Japanese, the effect is inspired by straw in traditional Japanese dwellings. A weave of canes creates a geometric decorative pattern.

The graphics designed by Zanellato/Bortotto convey their stylistic signature – design research focused on the salt pans in the Romagna region as a homage to the land of Wall&decò. Thus, the unique shape of the basins has been taken up in SALINA, where the surface texture echoes the salt grains, thus creating a continuous graphic pattern of depths and reliefs. LIMO brings an abstract representation of water and earth fragments to the stage, alternating solids and voids and generating a strong three-dimensionality that unfolds in a fragmented manner to compose a light and elegant pattern.

Essential Wallpaper Collection is a universe of abstractions and vinyl geometries that enhance the sensory power of engravings, inlays and embossing. 3D textures, bas-relief progressions and textures inspired by nature or skilful Japanese traditions evolve into sculpted vertical surfaces that open up unexplored horizons for interior decoration. 

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