Wall&decò with CARTEdition – when wallpaper meets contemporary art

Wall&decò with CARTEdition is a research project resulting from the collaboration between Wall&decò and AtemporaryStudio, born with the intention of investigating the relationship between contemporary art and wallcovering through a collection of artists' projects on wallpapers of high cultural value.

Under the curatorship of Giovanna Felluga and with the involvement of artists Fabrice Hyber, Labinac (a collective founded by Jimmie Durham, Maria Thereza Alves and Kai-Morten Vollmer with the participation of artists/designers Jone Kvie, Elisa Strinna, Philip Modersohn), Liliana Moro, Riccardo Previdi, Francesco Simeti, Donatella Spaziani and Patrick Tuttofuoco, CARTEdition intends to offer new solutions for contemporary living.

A collection destined to be enriched year by year, “unlimited” but numbered. An initiative whose added value lies in the curatorial approach focused on the analysis and development of “habitable” works of art. Wallpaper, from a mere element of decoration, becomes an artistic tool used to extend the research path towards new frontiers of art production and fruition, enriching the living-space with visual and intellectual stimuli and new inspirations. It is no coincidence that the invited artists consider the work to be an integral part of the space that hosts it, transforming the artistic activity into a fragment of daily life.

Part of the Wall&decò Editions line – the capsule collection developed together with protagonists from the world of design, lifestyle, fashion and art – CARTEdition implements the company’s offer by addressing the world of contemporary art with the first seven works whose value lies not only in the result but also in the process of achieving it. A path of exchange and research at the boundaries of disciplines traced thanks to the consultancy of Samantha Punis, who has always been committed to the development of projects and new ways of communicating both the product and the work of art.

Discover Wall&decò with CARTEdition: https://wallanddeco.com/en-us/editions/cartedition/



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