Manna Resort by Talenti

TALENTI presents Manna Resort, the elegant and sophisticated high-end Resort in the Monte Corno Nature Park.

The project by Studio Pichler Architects bets on minimalist but at the same time majestic architecture where the striking relaxation areas impress with luxurious furnishings designed by icons such as Ramòn Esteve, Ludovica+Roberto Palomba, Marco Acerbis, Karim Rschid and Jean Philippe Nuel.


With the tourism sector now back to pre-pandemic levels, design is also changing gears with the Talenti Outdoor Living brand becoming the protagonist of the high-end hotellerie. Proof of this is the brand new Manna Resort project, an exclusive 5-star structure located in Montagna, a few kilometres from Bolzano, on the slopes of the splendid Monte Corno Natural Park.



The project

The project, realised by the architect Klaus Gummerer for Studio Pichler Architects together with the designer Enrico Moretti of Studio Moretti Interiors, realised Maria Luisa Manna’s wish to create a unique, cosmopolitan resort that at the same time blends perfectly into the landscape. Developed in various volumes, the hotel follows the contours of the hills and the valley with a terraced profile and ensures that every room in the structure has the best possible view of the landscape. A visual as well as material integration of the structure with the native porphyry; a continuity that is also given by the green roofs that do not interrupt the fluidity of the forest.



Built on the ashes of an old sawmill, the Manna Resort has a main structure housing the original themed rooms. Africa, Japan, Russia, Arabia, Lapland, France and Sweden are just some of the 15 locations that define the resort’s suites and junior suites. Outside, overlooking the bio-pool, are three chalets with private saunas for absolute privacy. A minimalist and at the same time majestic architecture where the trait d’union between In & Out is represented by the sophisticated furnishings of the Talenti brand, which for the occasion has fielded, for the exterior and the Spa, some of its top products combined with evergreens that are perfect in any environment and are out of fashion.



Talenti’s touch: a sensorial journey

The outdoor spaces of the Manna Resort seduce at first glance. From the poolside to the lounge areas along the canals with oriental echoes to the brightly lit Spa, every detail is designed to take the guest on an emotional journey where design becomes a tool to ignite the senses. The alternation of colours contributes to creating an environment where the strong red hues of the Panama and Cliff chairs or the Tribal lamp are pleasantly contrasted with the more neutral colours of Riviera, Frame and Casilda and the dove-grey of Breez for a magical, enveloping mix. It is not always easy to mix different collections without distorting the design: for Talenti, the design of outdoor spaces and wellness areas is a real discipline that must connect different factors, without forgetting the spirit of the place, which has its own precise heritage.



The Spa, trasparency and oriental elegance

The Manna Spa is an invitation to discover oriental beauty through a wellness of the spirit that through the power of design becomes pleasure for the senses. The design, the choice of surfaces, the colours and the enveloping, sinuous shapes reflect this imprint oriented towards health and beneficial contact with nature. An interesting blend of Western and Oriental traditions is created, narrated by the details and elements of the furnishings. A context in which Karim Rashid’s iconic Breez lounger fits in perfectly with its cosmopolitan charge reflecting the unstoppable personality of its creator. Its shape is one fascinating curve, ergonomically designed to perfectly accommodate the body and ensure maximum comfort. Comfort that is combined with a place where health is paramount: from massages and treatments to the water path that starts from the Thai wellness tree at the entrance and develops through the Turkish bath, the Mediterranean bath, the soft sauna, the large Finnish sauna surrounded by woods, the emotional showers and the ice cascade.



A seductive transparent ‘box’ that continues ideally in the park below with the small artificial bathing biolago, absolutely free of chemical treatments. Like the spa, Breez plays with reflections thanks to the steel that makes up its structure, which, thanks to nanoceramic treatment, cataphoresis and powder coating, becomes even more resistant without giving up its essence.



Talenti designs and produces outdoor furniture that comes to life thanks to the company’s natural penchant for aesthetic research and its collaboration with internationally renowned designers.