TECEone Cold Water: Shower toilet easily retrofitted

by | 07 Sep 2022 | Products

TECEone shower toilet requires no water tank, no power connection and no boiler, no cables or hoses hanging around, just fresh water from the tap, as is available at every toilet anyway – the ideal retrofit solution.

No electricity, no technical frills, minimal effort in installation and maintenance, and an attractive design at an attractive price? That’s how shower toilets can work, as the german sanitary technology brand TECE proves with the cold water version of TECEone: The cold water variant is suitable for every bathroom and can be retrofitted without cost-intensive construction and tiling work. End customers also benefit from the health advantages of intimate cleaning with fresh, cool water.

TECEone is proof that advanced technology also works without electronics: The shower toilet works purely hydraulically, only needs to be connected to the cold water pipe and can therefore be retrofitted in almost any situation in the existing building. The shower arm extends via the water pressure and delivers a pleasant water flow, which can be intuitively regulated at personal discretion via the regulator on the side (up to 5.6 litres per minute).

Ideal for consultation and installation

With the new TECEone for the cold water connection, the conversion works as if by magic: quick, uncomplicated, without dirt and noise. This gentle way of bathroom renovation pleases customers and saves time, costs and nerves. Even wall mounting is child’s play and there are no small components or screws that can fall inside the ceramic. Maintenance also offers advantages, because the thermostat technology used is proven and reliable and can be repaired by the installer himself. The integrated safety device to protect the drinking water meets the requirements of DIN EN 1717. The ceramic and seat also meet the respective applicable standards DIN EN 997 and DIN 19516.

Grateful customers guaranteed

TECEone ceramic is seamless and rimless, making it easy to keep clean. The precisely pre-adjusted seat is permanently wobble-free, with a soft-close mechanism. The shower arm and shower arm cap can also be easily replaced if necessary. With a separately available service kit, the shower toilet can be easily decalcified by the customer. In addition, the cold water variant looks like its siblings in the TECEone family (with shower function hot/cold, without shower function): It blends discreetly and aesthetically into the bathroom design.

Not all cold is the same

TECEone users are thrilled by the refreshing experience that the cold water from the tap offers them and consider it to be an increase in comfort, not least because it is not nearly as cold as initially thought – more like washing your hands with room-temperature water. Doctors often recommend cleaning with fresh tap water, because it is preferable to water from a tank in terms of hygiene and has a beneficial effect on blood circulation.

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