Supersteam automatic steam wand for the Schaerer Coffee Skye

Coffee specialities involving plant-based milk alternatives are increasingly establishing their place on hot beverage menus. Yet whether it’s a vegan or classic option you’re after, when you order a cappuccino or latte macchiato, you expect to see a perfect silky foam with a creamy consistency on the top.

The new Supersteam automatic steam wand, which is available as an option for the Schaerer Coffee Skye, enables restaurateurs to expand the range of beverages they offer at little expense, while also minimising the time and effort it takes for service staff to create the perfect foam. With the Supersteam option fitted, the desired temperature and foam consistency for the beverage in question can be stored in the coffee machine’s system. All the operator then has to do is place a mug of the vegan drink under the steam wand and touch the display to start the Supersteam foaming process. It will then finish as soon as the desired result is achieved. The service staff can carry out other tasks at the same time and, once the foam is ready, simply have to pour the perfectly foamed plant-based drink into the cup or the glass containing the hot espresso.

The growing popularity of coffee specialities involving milk alternatives such as oat, soy or pea milk can be attributed to various factors – from the desire to try something new or make more nutrition-conscious choices, or for ethical and ecological reasons. “We addressed this topic early on and support our customers with technologies and the coffee expertise of the Schaerer Coffee Competence Centre to enable them to get the most out of this development,” says Hansjürg Marti, Managing Director of Schaerer Deutschland GmbH and Director of Sales & Service DACH at Schaerer AG. Experts advise customers on their range of plant-based coffee beverages, provide the machines with the ideal setup and also explain the particular properties to bear in mind to achieve the perfect foam result.

Every plant-based drink foams differently

Marti: “Take oat milk, for example – the current favourite among the plant-based alternatives – this has a lower protein content and needs to be foamed for longer. To achieve a stable, uniform foam result, we recommend the Barista Edition, as added emulsifiers and stabilisers ensure the desired foamability and consistency here.” Pea milk – an alternative that is becoming more and more popular – is different, however. This has a high protein content and foams particularly easily. Its slight sweetness combined with an understated cereal-like, nutty aroma makes it perfect for coffee. What’s more, its taste is surprisingly subtle, allowing the aroma of the coffee to develop perfectly.

Based on this knowledge, the Schaerer Coffee Skye’s Supersteam steam wand can be set precisely to enable the selected milk alternative to be transformed into perfect foam. The same is true of the Schaerer Best Foam milk system combined with the Twin Milk system, both of which are currently only available for the Schaerer Coffee Soul 10 and 12 models. The Twin Milk cooling unit has two separate containers and provides milk or vegan alternatives for the desired beverage fully automatically. Combined with the extensive setting options of Schaerer Best Foam, it couldn’t be simpler to create the perfect cap of foam – whether using cow’s, oat, almond or soy milk.

Recipe ideas for vegan coffee specialities

Cooled espresso surprise


  • Cooled espresso
  • Oat drink (milk and foam)
  • Cinnamon and vanilla syrup
  • Ice cubes

Pour ice cubes into a glass. Add the cooled espresso. Fill with oat milk and foam and finish with cinnamon and vanilla syrup.

Espresso alegría de almendra


  • Espresso, freshly brewed
  • Almond drink (milk and foam)
  • Vanilla syrup
  • Cinnamon syrup
  • Honey

Pour the espresso into a cup. Add the almond milk and foam, vanilla syrup, cinnamon syrup and honey. 

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