NEW Diesel Living with Wall&decò Collection

by | 14 Oct 2021 | Products

‘Unveiling Wallpaper’, the installation in Wall&decò’s Milano showroom during Milano Design Week

Manifold themes exude the Diesel Living spirit, for the highly original characterisation of a space or wall, with a touch of irony and an unexpected approach.

Diesel Living with Wall&decò is the new collaboration that brings the Diesel Living world to walls: a collection of wallpaper, 12 graphics, each in three different colours, the result of a fusion between the creativity of Diesel Living and the know-how of Wall&decò.

The multiple themes addressed in the collection offer a contemporary reinterpretation of graphics used in interior design projects and installations featured in a single collection that celebrates the graphic world of Diesel Living.

A renewed fascination with trompe-l’œil is expressed in the graphics Architectural Color Block and Shadow Concrete, both featuring concrete; one recreates a brutalist architectural pattern, the other superimposes gradients and shadows of tropical plants.

Trompe-l’œil again, but with a more playful twist, in Freaky Fur and Wrinkled Lines. The former is a reproduction of a realistic ’90s faux fur print that creates the illusion of a soft material on the walls and plays with ironic colours; the latter is a representation of a striped fabric sculpted by folds and creases that create an immersive 3D optical effect.

‘Upsetting Classics’ is also a recurring approach in Diesel Living, here applied to Natural Orgy, a toile de jouy pattern reinterpreted with a pop twist, Dizzy Stripes, which deforms a classically striped wallpaper, and Oxford Denim, which offers a textile reinterpretation.

‘Space Life’, a ubiquitous theme in the Diesel Living world, is interpreted in the collection with the Lunar and Ripped Sky graphics.

The natural landscape is interpreted by Desert Flowers, a collage of macro flowers and agave plants, and Forest Camo, where the detail of a vintage photo of a forest becomes a pure graphic pattern while maintaining a natural feel.

Wild Gradient closes the collection, a psychedelic colour treatment with a fluid effect.

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