Neom reveals hotel trio for latest sustainable destination

Image © NEOM
Neom, the new urban area in northwestern Saudi Arabia, has revealed a new sustainable development with three spectacular hotels.

Tourism destination Leyja will start from the Gulf of Aqaba coast and wind inland to form a natural valley carved between 400m-high mountains.

Intelligent design

Leyja’s hotel trio has been intelligently and sensitively designed by leading architects to complement the surrounding nature, operate sustainably, and provide distinct experiences. The three properties will offer 120 boutique rooms and suites, split equally with 40 keys at each.

The first property is tailor-made for active adventure. The deconstructed design, by the Netherlands-based OMA, ascends the walls of the wadi like a staircase, its structure tracing the topography with minimal disturbance of the terrain’s natural lines. Its unique location, folded into a cliff top and valley sides, lends itself to those seeking rock climbing and other high-octane experiences in the surrounding area.

Oasis and wellness hubs

Designed by Italy’s Mario Cucinella Architects, the second property rises from the rock to sit prominently at the heart of the wadi’s largest oasis, functioning as a gateway to explore the valley that continues beyond. The staircase ascending from the canyon to the hotel’s entrance offers panoramic valley views.

The third hotel, created by UAE-headquartered Killa Design, is an immersive wellness retreat that promotes longevity, with a high-tech, reflective façade mirroring the surrounding beauty and valley walls. This allows the wadi’s natural passage through the property’s centre, providing visitors with a unique and interactive experience.

Extensive experiences

Once developed, Leyja will offer an extensive selection of experiences and activities, including fine dining and contemporary restaurants presented by renowned chefs. Wellness facilities and rooftop infinity-style pools across the three properties are also key features.

Aligned with Neom’s strategy to designate the majority of its land across its destinations and cities as a nature reserve, 95% of Leyja will be preserved for nature and will combine innovative, ecological design and construction techniques to ensure the development seamlessly blends into the landscape.