Fashion and design according to Talenti: The new collection Tressé signed by CARLO COLOMBO

New collection Tressè

The debut of the collaboration between the iconic designer and the most fit outdoor brand of the moment becomes an opportunity to embark on a journey that leads directly from the catwalks to life en plein air.

September 2023 – While fashion weeks are raging in the main world capitals, fashion is confirmed as an exploratory ground also for furniture brands with the top Italian outdoor brand Talenti to open the dances by presenting the new Tressé collection.

The idea

Designed by Carlo Colombo, an icon that needs no introduction and that with this new collection opens the collaboration with the brand of the Cameli family, Tressé looks at the catwalks but traveling through time to immerse himself in a world that has made history. As its name reminds us (“intertwined” in Italian), this collection is directly inspired by the nineties, the proposals of a world reference such as Bottega Veneta that built a new concept of luxury on the plot. A concept that the designer from Como recalls, disassembles and reconstructs giving the collection its own character, identifying and in line with the brand’s style.


The description

Characterized by a tubular aluminum structure with a minimal design, Tressé is an elegant and comfortable outdoor collection that allows multiple compositions to meet the most different needs of space. Completely customizable, it bets on eco-leather weaves to design a complete and versatile family of products.  The cozy sofa combines perfectly with the original coffee tables and a glamorous and sophisticated dining area. Stylistically unmistakable, it accords with the Talenti style, expanding its ideal influence to break up preconceptions and stereotypes.


The views of the designer

“The collaboration with Talenti was born almost by chance, last year during the Salone del Mobile we met in their booth and we began to discuss a possible collaboration. After this appointment I had the idea for the Tressé collection, we met and started working on the project. And it was very interesting because it developed not only the part related to the sofa and the armchair but also a whole series of accessories such as tables, containers and up to the sunbed designed for outdoor spaces with swimming pool. The idea was born from a tubular aluminum structure with die-casting joints with double ring in which the second ring is covered with a weave that can be in different colors. The characteristic is therefore also the possibility to rotate the chromatic intervention both from the point of view of the construction of the structure – since the tubulars can be of different colors – both the interweaving that can be of different color and so also the part padded. The double ring has a structural and decorative meaning and the product is therefore innovative both from a technological and formal point of view.”


Materials: when design meets research

For Talenti, sustainability is not a fashion but an entrepreneurial philosophy that translates into research & development and the combination of design and technology. When Talenti thinks of a product, already in the concept phase, the will is to create a quality and lasting project. This is why prestigious designers such as Carlo Colombo are chosen to support the creation of collections with a timeless design and careful research and selection of materials to use. Talenti relies on suppliers who share the same vision of the company: every component is designed, designed and intended to last over time because the brand has the firm belief that the longevity of the product and therefore of the materials that make it up is the prerogative to obtain furniture items that not only stand out for aesthetic beauty but also and especially for a quality superior.

In Tressé everything revolves around the study of the cube as a primordial element in which to find order and to be elevated through fine finishes. These include the sophisticated interweaving of eco-leather bands that embraces the entire perimeter of the seats and that stands as a distinctive element of the entire collection, declined in color variations that can adapt to any environment ranging from cold gray silk, to the most intense and decisive mud, up to stand out with the warm land of Siena.


The use of recessed lava stone for coffee tables and large dining tables marks a further step in the company’s research for materials that are both refined and durable.

Like stoneware, the lava stone is a robust, consistent and easy to maintain material. It is a process that combines technology and traditional craftsmanship in which time and temperature are wisely balanced, giving unexpected peculiarities to the surface. The firing at high temperatures and the glass, completely recycled through an exclusive crushing and grinding process, improves the surface in its technical characteristics, able to meet all the needs of outdoor living.


The colors, transparent and bright, applied with manual processes, allow to capture, among their shades, the porosity and imperfections of the stone. The slight variations in thickness and color shades are therefore prestige values that make each product unique.

If the stone component is the protagonist, the aluminum, used for each structure, certainly shares the light of the reflectors. It’s a lightweight, durable, durable material. Easy to handle, it’s versatile, but above all, “eternal”.  In fact, one of the main characteristics of aluminum is the infinite recyclability and the substantial energy savings that result in terms of production, in addition to evolution, performance and other obvious advantages guaranteed by the material and its applications. A set of values that make the concept of green economy and resource conservation evident and intrinsic to aluminium.

When a large company meets great designers, the results can only be exciting and Tressé invites us to embark on a journey in a parallel dimension where we discover the true meaning of the elegance spoken.



Talenti designs and produces outdoor furniture that comes to life thanks to the company’s natural penchant for aesthetic research and its collaboration with internationally renowned designers.