Consumers seek new destinations

Travellers are subtly changing they way they search online for new adventures, and Hilton has shared new data from its own booking websites to understand where the new demand lies

Consumers are seeking out trips to second tier cities, and new long haul destinations, as they continue to prioritise travel after the pandemic.

New data from Hilton’s website shows how booking behaviour continues to evolve, as travellers make the most of increasing flight volumes to Asia, as well as looking for new opportunities for experiences closer to home. An analysis of clicks made by British travellers makes for interesting reading.

Searching for new cities

City destinations remain a firm favourite, but aside from visiting established capitals and major conurbations, there are some new locations emerging. Hilton says searches on for Cannes, in the south of France, are up 650% – boosting visitors at its Canopy hotel, which offers guests the relaxing environment of a rooftop restaurant and bar from which to survey the city and the Mediterranean.

And in Germany, the town of Heidelberg is picked out as somewhere that is seeing more online interest, with searches up 132%. The destination offers history, and walks along the river Neckar. The Dutch city of Rotterdam, too, has seen an increase in booking interest, as an alternative to the busy, crowded Amsterdam.

Long haul demand

British travellers are taking advantage of the reopening of Asian markets, following the restrictions of the pandemic period, says Hilton. Since it reopened, China has seen a 574% increase in searches across Hilton’s websites. The company points to its Hilton Nanjing Niushoushan hotel as being one destination on the list of travellers that want to see stunning landscapes as part of their Chinese trip, with the hotel providing guests with picturesque lake views.

Also on the list for long haul travellers are Sri Lanka, seeing searches up 76% year on year. And Vietnam too is finding favour, offering travellers a two centre option with city destinations such as Saigon, as well as beach offerings such as Pho Quoc.

There are still plenty of Brits who simply want a destination where they can head off and relax for a few days, so resorts continue to be popular. In Greece, Hilton’s Lindian Village Beach Resort in Rhodes has seen a 145% increase in searches, year on year, as word gets round about the resort’s extensive facilities including a private beach and eight different dining experiences. Also getting plenty of searches are Hilton’s luxury Conrad resort in Sardinia, and its Costabella Beach Resort in Croatia.