The VDA Group and Volara’s Voice Hub for the hotel industry

by | 16 Jul 2020 | Products

VDA Group has recently implemented in Middle East an integration between their Guest Room Management System, interactive TV and Amazon Alexa, seamlessly enabled by Volara’s Voice Hub.

Thanks to Volara, guests can use voice commands to control the lights, curtains, AC, TV and interact with other hotel systems like the Amadeus Service Optimization Solution to request services like housekeeping. Activating voice integration to room management initiates a new realm of guest interaction in the room. This solution becomes the perfect answer to simplify guests’ approach towards technologies.

VDA’s Guest Room Management System is enabling travelers to control their hotel room environments by voice command, exceeding the at home experience with a true hotel-grade solution. The integration with Volara works seamlessly, providing guests with an immediate response to their commands of the television and guest room environment.

For VDA this project is a milestone, extending the way guests can interface with our technology to voice control. VDA Group believes in innovation and is responding proactively to constantly evolving market demands. Volara provides platform agnostic voice-based conversation-management software and a secure integrations hub for existing hospitality technologies. Volara’s software is enabling the hotel to manage conversations with its guests in real-time. It’s secure integrations hub, which now includes 40+ hotel technologies, is enabling guests’ requests to prompt specific actions – whether routing a task to hotel staff, turning off the lights, or putting on the air conditioning. Volara’s software also enables additional layers of security to ensure that guests’ privacy is protected, and proprietary hotel data is secure. Volara is the only provider of voice-based solutions to the hospitality industry that has the Alexa for Business Service Delivery Designation from Amazon and is a launch partner of Alexa for Hospitality.


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