VDA Group for Klapsons The River – Bangkok

by | 01 Jun 2020 | Products

Klapson The River is an iconic property that is situated next to Bangkok’s main river channel called the Chao Phraya River.

Combining five-star hospitality with contemporary design, The River is a unique service apartment in which residence can come home confidently to the best in which Bangkok has to offer. Along with the residences, The River also offers 87 rooms specifically for hospitality.

Throughout The River, VDA technology can be found and being operated both by guest and the property teams. VDA delivered the renown Micromaster system along with beautiful Vitrum Glass panels. Unifying with their front desk system gives operators the ability to manage energy, comfort and security within the property.

Each room has the ability to automate different lighting scenarios and automated features such as automatic curtains and blinds. Each Vitrum panel adds an even more luxurious touch to this already amazing property.


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