Scalable sustainability starts with better data for this Honeywell client

This 4-star hotel in Barcelona is learning firsthand how artificial intelligence can help simplify optimization across a complete portfolio, as a pilot initiative for Honeywell Forge Sustainability+ for Buildings.

Sustainability goals, made easier and more precise

This large hospitality brand used science-based targets to set significant sustainability goals for 2030.

So when Honeywell proposed a pilot project to help easier analyze and optimize energy and carbon emissions at any number of sites, they agreed to start at one of their 4-star hotels in Barcelona (the “Property”) – and just 20 days later, analysis from the self-learning Honeywell Forge platform was underway.

The challenge:  Consolidate data from siloed systems

The global hospitality brand wanted to get a clear view of its energy use and carbon emissions, with useful analysis of ways to improve.

For a complete picture of their status and progress, they would need to integrate data from a wide variety of sources: equipment, meters, utility companies, historical data.

They needed the ability to remotely manage and analyze the property at all levels, from equipment to individual rooms and floors, and the property as a whole. They also wanted to manage their entire portfolio this way, with comparisons and benchmarking across sites.

The solution:  Honeywell Forge Sustainability+ for Buildings

This global hospitality brand is leading sustainability efforts in the industry, as shown by its 2030 goals to reduce scope 1 & 2 carbon emissions by 75%, and water use and waste intensity by 50%.

But with more than 7,000 hotels, monitoring, comparing, and optimizing such a diverse portfolio is challenging – especially with different equipment and building management systems (BMS) at each site.

So when Honeywell proposed an initiative to help analyze and optimize energy and carbon emissions across any number of sites, the brand was intrigued.

Using two cloud-based solutions (Honeywell Remote Building Manager, and Honeywell Forge Sustainability+ for Buildings), their partner M3i Controls connected the first property in a matter of days.

To provide a holistic view, historical data was imported as a baseline, and integration is underway for water, electric, and gas utilities.

By integrating with the property’s BMS, the property can now be monitored and operated remotely via computer, tablet, or smartphone. Facility and property managers can control scheduling, points, and alarms for equipment, rooms, and site, alongside views of energy use and costs.

The pilot project has gone very well, and hopes are high for the next phase:  Four more properties in Spain will be connected for a portfolio view and site comparisons, and Sustainability+ for Buildings Carbon and Energy Manager will leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies to not only identify trends but also autonomously help optimize usage in near real time while ensuring guest comfort.

The benefits:  Portfolio-wide energy optimization

  • Sustainability+ for Buildings Carbon and Energy Manager can recommend prioritized actions and can autonomously help optimize energy use in near real time by leveraging AI/ML technologies
  • Portfolio integration enables comparisons between sites of CO2 emissions (scope 1 and 2), energy use, and costs
  • Fast cloud deployment makes these capabilities easier to scale to any number of sites, and the open platform can integrate with almost any BMS

Let’s simplify sustainability for your property

If you’re ready to turn your sustainability goals into a competitive edge, Honeywell is ready to help.



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