Honeywell delivers comfort for guests, efficiency for hotels

From limited-service hotels to luxury resorts, Honeywell INNCOM Energy Management System (EMS) has built a 40-year reputation for delivering world class energy management and IoT solutions while helping maintain delightful guest experiences.

Hotels need occupancy-based energy management

On average, more than 30% of hotel rooms in the U.S. are unrented at any given time.[i] And even when rented, guestrooms are often left unoccupied throughout much of the day, leaving hotel rooms unoccupied almost as often as they are occupied.[i]

An occupancy-based, standalone EMS is designed to provide the insights needed to manage and control guestroom HVAC energy use.

Scalable energy management system

The Honeywell INNCOM guestroom management system is modular and expandable so you can step up your capabilities as you need them. For instance, a Honeywell INNCOM EMS Thermostat with built-in motion sensor provides a standalone EMS with basic occupancy detection – without compromising guest comfort.

Next, you can add a door sensor (or integrate with the door lock) for advanced occupancy detection and additional energy management. Integrating comfort controls such as lighting and humidity further enhance the guest experience.

Finally, by networking your standalone EMS rooms with your hotel’s Property Management System (PMS), you can achieve even greater capabilities.

Beyond the occupancy detection in each room, this Networked EMS applies even with wider tolerances in temperature setpoints when rooms are unrented.

Integrate smart convenience: hospitality IoT

For improved guest experiences and more efficient hotel operations, energy management is just the start.

The Honeywell INNCOM guestroom management system works with a broad selection of third-party technologies such as door locks, lighting, voice control, drapes and shades, minibars, tablets and much more.

It connects the technologies you need into an integrated room automation system (IRAS), which works seamlessly with your standalone or networked EMS.

Honeywell integrations are easy to implement, use, and expand. INNcontrol software and the Deep Mesh Network connect each room for real-time control and support an extensive range of third-party technologies via Honeywell’s FastPack API.

Capabilities and savings with room to grow

Honeywell guestroom management systems are modular to scale with your business. Expand your capabilities and savings potential as your needs grow.

Are you ready to step up your savings and guest satisfaction? Get started with Honeywell Hospitality.

[i] “STR: U.S. hotel performance for Q2 2019”, July 22, 2019

[ii] Based on HVAC runtime reduction vs. ETM (traditional thermostat mode) in hotels with average occupancy and < 500 rooms



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