New Invisible Lite+ T and Lite Glass+ T recessed sliding systems

by | 12 Nov 2021 | Products

Only a shadow remains, no visible aluminium at all: new Lite+ T sliding systems for wood or glass doors

Are you one of those people who seeks excellence and the implementation of completely aluminum-free recessed sliding tracks?

Introducing an impeccable, highly anticipated feature!

We have developed the new Invisible and recessed T version of our Lite+ systems for wood and Lite Glass+ systems for glass, just for you! Because some projects require hidden aluminum and the utmost minimalism.

With these new tracks, we are providing a technical solution that has been highly anticipated by all professionals involved in the design and execution of interior architecture projects.

  • Only a shadow remains: The aluminum of the Lite+ T and Lite Glass+ T profiles completely disappears into the drop ceiling, leaving only a shadow behind, without any visible flaps. Because less is more!
  • Shorter distances and unsurpassed finishes: The new T profile exceeds market standards: there’s only 6 mm between the wall and the sliding panel. The 11 mm opening is compatible with 12.5 mm drywall. We’ve thought of every last detail!
  • Technical advantages for a more agile installation: The profile of the T model is attached by means of a single central clamping row, thus avoiding the need for a very wide substructure. The new trigger, specially developed for this model, allows for the activation of the KSC braking mechanism at the end of the assembly.
  • Take advantage of your familiarity with our systems: The T models follow the same assembly steps as Lite+ Top and Lite Glass+ Top, but ensure that the track flaps will remain absolutely invisible.
  • Easy for any professional: The installation is done in different stages for the convenience of the different actors involved, including both the installer and the plasterer. The T-profile comes preassembled with its accessory kits.

Lite+ T and Lite Glass+ T are available for both single sliding door installations and bi-parting door installations (Duo version).

Once again, Klein has confirmed its technical mastery by responding to the needs of the most demanding projects.

We can now say that Lite+ and Lite Glass+ may be the most versatile systems on the market!

These are the options available for your project:


Check out their specification sheets! Get inspired by our projects here.



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  • Only a shadow remains, no visible aluminium at all: New LITE+ T sliding systems for wood or glass doors