Unikglass+ system to ensure easy access to all spaces

The main goal: to make the most of the building’s 28,000 sq ft available without relinquishing any natural light. Each of the layouts of the 100 rooms gives priority to smooth circulation and perfect spatial organisation, without any corridors or dark areas.

Barcelona has a new boutique hotel, Occidental Diagonal 414. Located in the heart of the city, it is just a few yards from Paseo de Gracia and across from the emblematic Casa de las Punxes, by Puig i Cadafalch.

The project, which can be found in the centre of the city, was quite complex: it involved the preservation of the original building’s protected façade, as well as the completion of three underground and eight above-ground floors, all with very little space to work and on one of the busiest avenues in the city. The building’s corner location proved to be an additional challenge for the Ros Falguera Arquitectura team.

The result is evident: the modernity of the interior architecture contrasts and enhances the historic beauty of the façade. Visitors will be surprised by the feeling of spaciousness and tranquility they experience upon passing through the entrance.

The main goal when planning out the hotel’s different spaces, in both common areas and private rooms, was to make the most of the building’s 28,000 sq ft available without relinquishing any natural light.

Each of the 100 rooms demonstrates this premise. Available in different layouts, they all give priority to smooth circulation and perfect spatial organisation, without any corridors or dark areas. They breathe harmony and efficient comfort.

The bathroom at the centre of each room is made up of a semi-transparent body, closed off by a sliding glass panel of the same tone. The tinted glass filters the outside light that floods the room, guaranteeing privacy. The sliding movement does away with the space needed to open any hinged door and ensures greater freedom of movement.

Our frameless Unikglass+ system, with its profile recessed into the drop ceiling, structures the access point for the bathroom at the centre of each room, while making the coloured glass the star of the show. It guides the glass doors from floor to ceiling, leaving the passageway free of thresholds and providing maximum height in all rooms, even in the bath area.

Visitors can enjoy different applications of the Unikglass+ system depending on the type of room chosen: from a single sliding door that gives access to the full bathroom, to the sliding bi-parting doors found in suites, which allow for separate access to the shower and toilet.

The minimalist aesthetic of the recessed, frameless application is present in every option.

One important element to highlight: Occidental Diagonal 414 features rooms designed to meet the needs of visitors with reduced mobility.

These rooms also include the Unikglass+ system to ensure easy access to all spaces:

  • the absence of floor tracks allows for circulation without any obstacles
  • the sizes of the sliding door and passageway are designed for wheelchair access
  • the Klein Soft Closing braking device incorporated into Unikglass+ ensures smooth gliding of the sliding panel and provides added comfort for the user
  • Klein Soft Closing also ensures smooth braking of the mobile panel without any bounce-back, whether opening or closing, thus improving user safety and preventing any potential breakage

Maintenance is a key element in the daily management of a hotel. All Klein systems are designed to make this aspect as easy as possible. The phased installation of Unikglass+ allows the recessed system’s braking mechanism to be put in place at the very end of the process, leaving it easily accessible for any work that may need to be done, without needing to damage the drop ceiling for required maintenance.

Comfort, personality, functionality and a tonne of style: the original vision of Ros Falguera Arquitectura has been perfectly embodied through their impeccable execution.

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