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Setting the standards in contemporary modular furniture design and innovative kitchen technology

At livecookintable, we know how important sustainability is, and we openly share our commitment to making products responsibly and sustainably. We started from design and included sustainable strategies in production from modularity and dematerialisation to longevity.

According to the European Commission, 80% of the ecological impacts of a product are locked in at the design phase.

If you look at the full life cycle of a product and the potential impacts it may have, the impacts are inadvertently decided and thus embedded in the product by the designers. This is done at the design-making stage. Though uncomfortable for some, design and product development teams are responsible for the decisions that they make when contemplating, prototyping and ultimately producing a product into existence.

At livecookintable, we know how important sustainability is, and we openly share our commitment to making products responsibly and sustainably. We started from design and included sustainable strategies in production, from modularity and dematerialisation to longevity.

Modularity at livecookintable – Baukasten

Baukasten is a system that makes it possible to meet the most sophisticated customer requirements with minimal effort. It enables any hospitality professional to put together an infinite number of applicable solutions using only a few standardised components that are fully compatible.

Our technical furniture offers the possibility to assemble and interchange an infinite number of product variants from the smallest possible number of standardised components. Modularity offers several advantages, it allows us to work out solutions to common problems independently of projects. This independent work enables us to consistently improve our solutions and boosts efficiency in development through reuse.

In sustainability, products that can be reconfigured in different ways to adapt to different spaces and uses have an increased capacity to function well.

Modularity can increase resale value and offer multiple options in one material form. Just like you can build anything with little lego, modularity as a sustainable design approach includes the owner in the design so they can reconfigure the product to fit their changing needs.

Timeless design

Longevity is about creating products that are aesthetically timeless, highly durable and will retain their value over time. Products that last longer aren’t replaced as frequently and can be repaired or upgraded during their life, as long as their style and functionality have durability as well.

Moove from Livecookintable – Allianz Arena, Munich, Germany

Timeless design, high-quality finishes and unique patterns are what characterise livecookintable’s products. We increase the durability of relationships between people and products, through modular and interchangeable design.

Live cooking stations are engineered in such a way that the external elements can be substituted after years of use without having to change the whole product. Sustainability lies in the choice of material and conceptual design to ensure durability, reuse and upgrades throughout the product’s lifecycle.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication – Multipot

Reducing the overall size, the number of components and materials incorporated into a design is a simple way of keeping down the environmental impact. Simply, more materials and components result in greater impacts. At livecookintable, we took it to another level.

IF Product Design Award 2018 and Red Dot Product Design Award 2018

Multipot is an innovative system unique of its kind and format, designed in a way that, with just a few components, it’s possible to reach a full range of cooking functionalities without several modules being needed. Durable material and extreme flexibility make it the all-in-one solution for cooking at the highest efficiency.

With sustainability at the core of any design, equipment will be durable, practical and compact. The ingredients of all livecookintable products.

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