Crystal HD, The ALL-NEW Faceplate From TOPS

TOPS, a Ceits Brand, is introducing a new faceplate for your telephony needs. It's called Crystal HD. Read why people love the new Crystal HD!

Crystal HD, The ALL-NEW Faceplate From TOPS

by | 11 Aug 2022 | Products

TOPS, a Ceits Brand, is introducing a new faceplate for your telephony needs. It’s called Crystal HD. Read why people love the new Crystal HD!

4 Reasons Why People Love the ALL-NEW Crystal HD Faceplates

August 2022—When it comes to faceplates for your hotel’s branding needs, the ALL-NEW Crystal HD faceplates exceed expectations. Trust us; we were blown away by them! And we aren’t the only ones. Here are four reasons why people love the ALL-NEW Crystal HD faceplates:

1. Vibrant colors are easily retained

When printing faceplates, especially dark floods–think dark colored faceplates—printing can be challenging with traditional paper faceplates. They can be overly dark, not dark enough, and lose their luster after a while. With the Crystal HD faceplates? Not so much. The color is long-lasting. So, when it comes to your hotel branding, especially with colors, Crystal HD stands out above the rest!

2. Is that leather?

Crystal HD faceplates have a distinct yet unique, smooth feel to them. The leather-like feeling is easily bendable too! Traditional paper faceplates are more easily torn compared to the Crystal HD. And sometimes people tear the paper faceplates. Then you have to replace them constantly. But with the Crystal HD, you don’t have to worry about the faceplate accidentally tearing. Also, with the bendability of the Crystal HD, you easily fit the faceplate for whatever phone you have in your hotel! 

3. Readability is key

What does the HD stand for in Crystal HD? We are glad you asked! High-Definition, or simply HD, is the name we choose. Why? Because the readability of the text on the faceplates looks like they are in high-definition. With some darker colored floods and not-so-friendly color schemes, the text can be hard to read with traditional faceplates. But with the Crystal HD faceplates, they stand out! The text is easily readable, seemingly in high-definition.

4. These things are waterproof

Cleaning paper faceplates with a wet rag are, let’s say it doesn’t end well. Eventually, the damp rag wears down the paper faceplates. Crystal HD, on the contrary, is waterproof! You read that correctly; waterproof, which means longer-lasting faceplates for your phones when cleaning them. It’s one of the biggest reasons people love Crystal HD faceplates!

The ALL-NEW Crystal HD faceplates are game-changers! They are longer-lasting, waterproof, readable, and retain color well. Contact us today to find out more about why you will love the new Crystal HD faceplates.

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ALL-NEW 9700 Series

Introducing the elegant 9700 Series from TeleMatrix, sporting a newly developed micro-footprint design, making it ideal for spaces with limited surface area, designed to meet the latest styles and trends, interior designers and guests alike will appreciate the sleek, sophisticated body and eye-catching color panel options, including AutoSync handset pairing, multiple handset kit options, OneTouch® message retrieval, and optional battery backup. Available in single and two-line analog or VoIP cordless configurations with or without built-in USB charging ports.

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