Andy Mannhart Buffet & Kitchen Interactive Catalogue 2021

by | 05 Jan 2021 | Products

Andy Mannhart launches its second interactive catalogue in 2020.

Andy Mannhart is happy to present the latest ‘Buffet & Kitchen Interactive Catalogue 2021’. A great addition to the interactive catalogue ‘Complete OS&E’, which was launched in July 2020 featuring over 8,000 products ready on stock in Dubai.

To shorten lead times and reduce transport costs, Andy Mannhart has established two main logistics hubs: Europe and Middle East. The Middle East hub will also serve South-East and East Asia as well as the Eastern and South Africa markets.

You can make use of both catalogues covering all areas of OS&E ranges emphasising the historic strength of Andy Mannhart: ‘Buffet & Kitchen’ with 36 years of experience, focuses also on the latest needs of Covid19-compliant products.

In order to ride the digital wave further with its marketing tools, we have decided to apply the latest Interactive PDF technology. It will allow you to jump from one product / chapter to another in seconds. Either by clicking on the respective chapter icon or by inserting the code or name of a product in the search field.

To make the best use of this technology, access the document in Adobe or Foxit Reader, or alternatively in Chrome or Firefox Browser. Enjoy the new digital experience.

Check out our AM Buffet & Kitchen Interactive Catalogue 2021


Headquartered in Switzerland, but spread across the globe through direct and indirect distribution channels, Andy Mannhart has established itself as a leading international 'one-stop centre' for the sourcing and supply of kitchen equipment and utensils as well as tabletop ranges to the professional trade.

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