Victoria + Albert baths announce new Matt finish

by | 13 Mar 2020 | Products

Vetralla bath by Victoria + Albert in Standard Matt

A beautiful and subtle new bath finish, ideal for spa and wellness projects.

Victoria + Albert® expands its unique range of QUARRYCAST™ baths and basins, offering its 12 best-selling designs in a new Standard Matt finish. A new casting process produces a soft and contemporary look for both the exterior and interior. As the finish is achieved through casting, not coatings, it has the same exceptional durability and stain-resistance qualities of Victoria + Albert®’s original Standard Gloss baths and basins. Beautiful and sheen-free, Standard Matt has a calming look, lending itself to spa/wellness projects.

Standard Matt can also be specified with any of 194 RAL colours on the exterior, allowing for the ultimate customisation.

The new Standard Matt finish is available on: Amalfi bath; Amiata bath; Ios bath; Ionian bath; Barcelona, Barcelona 2 and Barcelona 3 baths; Napoli bath; Mozzano and Mozzano 2 baths; Vetralla and Vetralla 2 baths; Amalfi 55 basin; Barcelona 48, Barcelona 55, Barcelona 64 basins; Napoli 57 basin; Ios 54 basin.

For more details, contact Victoria + Albert® by phone, +44 1952 221 100, or email, [email protected]



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