Privacy and data protection in the hotel environment

ZAFIRO by Entertainment Solutions helps you to preserve the privacy and data of your guests.

Privacy and data protection in the hotel environment

by | 22 Mar 2022 | Products

ZAFIRO by Entertainment Solutions helps you to preserve the privacy and data of your guests.

Internet privacy has always been a controversial issue. Many users are unaware of their rights over their data or who is accessing their personal information. Digital privacy is something we should all think about when browsing the internet. The lines between the digital and physical worlds will continue to blur, disrupting economies around the world, but also raising a number of security and privacy concerns.

The internet of things is changing the concept of digital privacy. The IoT itself is not new, but the combination of increased bandwidth, sensor technology, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) may unleash an explosion of ubiquitous connectivity.

As the Internet will be used to control objects, infrastructure, and much of our environment, questions about digital privacy, interoperability, regulation, and security will urgently need to be answered.

The hotel sector is one of the most vulnerable to security breaches in confidential information. Hotels handle a lot of sensitive information and must take special care with its treatment. It is perhaps one of the sectors in which the largest amount of confidential information is handled in relation to the personal data of national and international tourists.

Due to the large volume of personal data that is handled on a daily basis, this sector is especially vulnerable to computer attacks. The growing importance of data security in the sector has caused all hotel companies to increase their spending on cybersecurity and Entertainment Solutions, as a company that provides customer interaction systems and solutions, develops solutions based on an avant-garde cloud architecture on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Amazon Web services is presented as a secure, tested and elastic cloud structure that adapts to billions of devices and trillions of messages. At Entertainment Solutions we have joined forces with this AWS technology to be able to ensure a more secure use of data in our solutions. In this way, the hotel will be able to guarantee the guest the peace of mind of feeling identified with the hotel’s Wi-Fi, sharing content on their television or viewing their bills, knowing that their data has state-of-the-art cybersecurity and privacy.

AWS provides services that help protect your data, accounts, and workloads from unauthorized access. AWS Data Protection Services provide encryption and key management and threat detection that continuously monitor and protect your accounts and workloads. This allows us to develop scalable solutions with easy interoperability that ultimately means the guest enjoys a fully connected experience throughout the customer journey.



Zafiro is a modular and flexible ecosystem under a pure cloud architecture, which gets adapted to the needs of customers, offering cutting-edge infrastructures of in-room entertainment IPTV and digital signage.

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