MEC2 antibacterial coating possibilities

by | 23 Mar 2021 | Products

MEC2 now offers a highly effective surface coating and additive products for its livecookintable equipment.

The antimicrobial coating provides an effective and safe hygiene solution for mainly horizontal high-touch surfaces in both professional hospitality and public hygiene.

The colourless and odourless antibacterial coating permanently closes the hygiene gaps to optimally protect employees and customers. The unique operating principle ensures consistent effectiveness on dry and moist surfaces. This makes it the only antimicrobial surface coating proven to work under real-world conditions. MEC2 offers a paint finish or a spray-on finish for plastics, aluminium, stainless steel and glass.

The MEC2 coatings contain a special photocatalyst. Visible light excites the photocatalyst and transfers energy to the surrounding oxygen. Singlet oxygen is produced which kills germs efficiently. The surface is then disinfected.

livecookintable material is long-lasting, sustainable and health safe

That’s why a livecookintable table is made of stainless steel: stainless steel is antibacterial!

In the food sector, stainless steels with austenitic grades, such as 1.4301 / AISI 304, are prescribed. As a European regulation requirement, all stainless steel used in the handling of food must be prescribed by the European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group ( This generally applies not only in the processing and production of food, but also in warehousing, transportation, preparation and presentation, eg buffets.

Stainless steel is also proven in medical clinics. The permanent resistance to mechanical stress and the use of disinfectants and cleaning agents are outstanding. The inert, highly smooth surface of the material constitutes the leading role of stainless steel in hygiene and healthcare according to the current state of science.

livecookintable Laminate Veneer Antibacterial for tabletops and furniture: certified safety!

livecookintable Laminate Veneer is generally shock-, scratch- and abrasion-resistant, heat- and light-resistant, stain-resistant, easy-to-clean and -disinfect, water vapour-solvent and largely chemical-resistant. livecookintable Laminate Veneer can additionally be made flame-retardant and antibacterial and this process only has to be done once for full and consistent coverage. livecookintable Laminate Veneer is manufactured in an environmentally friendly way and can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly fashion as well.

With livecookintable Laminate Veneer Antibacterial, MEC2 provides an antibacterial surface that offers additional protection wherever cleanliness alone is not enough: for example, in hospitals, laboratories, canteen kitchens and for food presentation. livecookintable Laminate Veneer Antibacterial is food-safe and destroys 99.9% of bacteria within only 24 hours of usage, making it the perfect solution for hygienically sensitive and high-traffic areas.

The effectiveness of the product is also certified by the research and investigation company ISEGA ( The seven bacteria tested are those commonly known in the health and food sectors.

Special surface coating for livecookintable buffet blinds and panels

livecookintable buffet blinds and panels made of vegan, synthetic leather are equipped with innovative and special properties. Due to its special product properties, the coated, synthetic leather is particularly suitable for use on furniture in the food sector. In particular, highly sensitive areas such as hospitals, geriatric care facilities and senior residences, but also hotels and canteens.

livecookintable synthetic leather is extremely easy to care for, very comfortable and also meets high design standards. The livecookintable ‘plus’ stands for its special resistance to oil, fat and body fluids / droplets. A new type of coating ensures excellent surface protection and makes it highly abrasion-resistant.

The materials can even comply with the Medical Devices Act, because the surface can now be antibacterial and antimicrobial (new, now available). In addition, the material is flame-retardant (B2 standard), disinfectant-resistant and extremely lightfast. Thanks to its durability, robustness and ease of cleaning, livecookintable materials are also very economical.

livecookintable Airwall a real air purifier

The livecookintable Airwall has always been more than just a killer of cooking smells, condensate and smoke.

Although these are its primary tasks, there are other advantages of the livecookintable Plasma-Ionisation-Technology: the internationally renowned Fraunhofer Institute ( has proven the Airwall to reduce the microbiological load and harmful ozone from the room air. The plasma filter system filters blue smoke and extends the service life of the activated carbon to five years guaranteed.

This is how it works

  1. Coarse particles such as grease and condensate are separated in the various pre-filter stages.
  2. In the plasma filter, the particles flowing through are positively charged by an electrostatic voltage field. In addition, highly reactive ozone is produced from oxygen. Ozone destroys odours and germs, bacteria and viruses in the air. Compared to other air disinfection treatments, ozone can effectively disinfect large volumes of air and neutralise microorganisms, including viruses. This makes it ideal for use in medical areas – for example, in hospitals or in hospitality areas and buffet zones.
  3. In the collector stage, the positively charged particles stick to the negatively charged plates and are separated out (especially aerosols).
  4. In the oxidation process, the ozone breaks down odours and blue smoke.
  5. Particles adhering to the activated carbon that have not yet been separated out react with the remaining ozone. This cleans the activated carbon and significantly extends the service life.
  6. Purified air, consisting of oxygen, CO2 and natural humidity, is released into the environment as end products.

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