Local influences, contemporary design reign supreme in Sri Lanka’s Amari Hotel

by | 11 Apr 2020 | Design

Local style meets international design at Sri Lanka’s newest Amari Hotel.

Design firm FBEYE International creates sumptuous interiors inspired by colonial village craft for Amari Hotel in Colombo.

Colombo’s new Amari Hotel is a contemporary jewel in the Sri Lankan capital. Designed by hospitality experts FBEYE International, the property’s interiors interpret vernacular elements in a contemporary fashion that aligns with global trends.

We take a look inside this exciting new property.

A jewel in Colombo’s crown

The hotly anticipated 169-key Amari Hotel is set to land in Colombo’s Kollupitiya commercial district in late 2020, adding another jewel to the crown of Sri Lanka’s bustling capital city.

Considering the country is known colloquially as Gem Island, it is perhaps no surprise that the hotel takes its cues from the captivating gemstones such as blue sapphires, pink padmaraja and red rubies that can be found on the island.

In both the hotel’s colour palette and its conception, these precious stones have proved a source of inspiration to designers FBEYE International, renowned for their carefully crafted hotel interiors.

Warren Foster-Brown, founder and Managing Director of FBEYE International, spoke of the firm’s philosophy, saying, “Our design ethos is always to blend local influences within a contemporary setting, allowing guests a unique perspective during their stay of their destination, for staff an inspirational space to work in, and an owner/operator that stands tall. Our profession is unique in what we do, so are our designs.”

An adventure through Sri Lanka, by design

FBEYE International has conceived of the hotel interiors at the Amari Hotel as a journey through the wilds and wonders of Sri Lanka, but in a distinctly urban setting. The hotel’s rooms and suites afford guests panoramic views out over the city, but the world inside is quite a different affair.

FBEYE has used the interiors as an opportunity to celebrate and reflect the island’s wealth of natural beauty, and this journey begins as soon as visitors enter the lobby, where the sapphire carpet draws the guest’s eye through the space and towards the marble floor, inset with unique stone cuts that hark back to Sri Lanka’s precious jewels.

The double-height reception area is on the 6th floor, and it is here in the Gin Bar that the influences of Sri Lanka’s colonial past come into view. FBEYE International has taken elements of British, Portuguese and Dutch architecture to create a design narrative that brings visitors through the ages of the Sri Lankan story and blends them with local flourishes such as the vibrancy and charm of typical street markets to connect to contemporary culture.

Global influences also feature in areas such as the Thai restaurant on the roof, which adjoins the rooftop pool bar where guests can relax and savour the region’s tastes.



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