Is space a luxury in the bathroom?

by | 20 Aug 2021 | Products

Large rooms embody a certain degree of luxury, but is space really only defined by room size? Or do other factors play a role in perceiving a room as being spacious?

Even in a small hotel bathroom, a few tricks can help create space and a feeling of comfort. Light wall colours, for example, always make the room seem bigger. There is one simple rule for small hotel bathrooms: clever furnishings make even the smallest bathrooms seem bigger.

Great potential for space-saving: The bathroom door

With a small bathroom, it makes sense to pay attention to the bathroom door.

In many cases, the biggest amount of space is probably gained by finding the ideal way to place and align the bathroom door. So why not plan a bathroom door that opens outwards?

Free areas make the room seem bigger

Everything that is not standing on the floor makes a room seem more airy. This is also true for wall-hung WCs and washbasin cabinets.

Geberit offers a wide range of wall-hung WCs and shower toilets that can fit into every bathroom.

Luxury for every size of bathroom

A toilet is a must-have in every bathroom.

Anyone who wants to pamper their guests with additional comfort will gladly opt for a shower toilet – it requires the same amount of space, but nevertheless offers hotel guests that little extra in terms of luxury.

Here’s more information about Geberit AquaClean and the Geberit WC solutions.



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