Four tips for more luxury in the bathroom

by | 01 Sep 2020 | Suppliers

There’s no place for rushing, stress or a lack of comfort during a hotel stay. Quite the opposite in fact – every guest should feel at ease and be able to benefit from a relaxed atmosphere. A hotel bathroom that subscribes to this complete sense of wellbeing plays an essential part in this. The following four tips will help you pamper your guests.

Tip 1: High-quality bathroom furniture

Clean, high-quality and visually appealing bathroom fittings provide the basis for a pleasant atmosphere. With the right details, the interior elements can ensure the perfect start or end to the day. Attractive storage solutions allow bathroom essentials to be hidden from view and transform even small bathrooms into a relaxing environment.

Tip 2: The shower toilet

Although the toilet is an appliance that we use every day, we tend not to pay it much attention. But once you’ve used a shower toilet ((link to the shower toilet product page)), you’ll then understand how a toilet can become an essential part of the hotel experience. Thanks to its pleasant shower spray, it delivers a completely new feeling of freshness and cleanliness – and your guests will remember the sense of well-being they enjoyed.

Tip 3: Heatable mirror

Picture the scene: Your guests are at the washbasin and want to have a shave or apply their make-up but the mirror has misted up because they have just had a hot shower. The mirror can be dried with the hairdryer or wiped down but this still doesn’t provide them with the clear view they need. This is where heatable bathroom mirrors come in ((link to bathroom mirror product page)). The stylish solution for a clear view in the bathroom every time.

Tip 4: Accessories

You can conjure up the perfect bathroom ambience with just a few simple touches: A pleasant temperature, fragrances, gentle sounds, flowers and plants help to transform the hotel bathroom into the perfect well-being sanctuary.



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