Bespoke Furniture Supply – how Wood Couture helps property developers through the production process

by | 25 May 2022 | Products

Experience, trust, reliability, and versatility. Wood Couture goes beyond material and manufacturing knowledge; foreseeing how each piece will impact hotel operations and potential issues with safety.

 Wood Couture is the world leading hospitality furniture manufacturer with 30-years of experience and more than 45,000 keys delivered. Recently the company has drafted the new 2050 strategy to maintain the company in a leadership position for the next three decades. This move allows the company in focusing on creating more value for clients through advance technology. The new approach also aims to enhance the pre-production phase, undertaken with a nano analysis of each piece of furniture to produce, as well as attempting to anticipate any foreseeable issues with the output. Wood Couture is not a traditional manufacturer, rather deeply involved and deeply passionate about the project of the clients. The company goal is to bring solutions to client’s problems.


If a process starts late, the project opens late, and millions of dollars could be lost. Wood Couture takes a three-dimensional view and see the project from every facet. The company anticipate the problems that may occur during the process, and that way is able to respond and advise the clients. The hotel operator always keeps to the brand standards. They want to make sure that they’re achieving precisely what their brand DNA is. The interior designers are artists. They create environments; they create the dress of the hotel. The hotel owner is an investor who has a budget and needs to make money.


Many developers face the same problems because they usually end up looking at the issues at the end instead of the beginning. It is important to keep the process an easy equation. Quality requires a comprehensive process, a disciplined process, and a passionate process. At Wood Couture, when the team meet the client, they try to make them understand the problems that many times they don’t see. Wood Couture highly emphasizes collaboration with everyone involved in the project, by operating in such a way that is in tune with what each stakeholder cares about: the interior designer’s artistic vision, the operator’s brand standard and ways of working, and, most importantly, the owner’s investment time and money.





Wood Couture is a 21st-century supplier with a mission of manufacturing and delivering quality at the right price. The brand was born in 2017 from the restructuring of a two-generation family business carrying 27 years’ experience in custom-made furniture for the hospitality and high-end residential sector from Italy and Miami to the Middle East.