Advantages of induction technology for hot holding

by | 07 Dec 2020 | Products

Keeping food warm with induction technology has numerous benefits

Whether for banquets or breakfast – to use the best possible hot holding solution is key for successfully running a buffet. These are the numerous benefits of induction technology:

Efficiency and safety

Keeping food warm with InductWarm® induction units is both energy- and cost-efficient. Thanks to most modern induction technology, the heat is generated directly in the dish – the surface of the induction device or buffet counter will not be heated up directly. For induction units there is no long pre-heating phase because these devices are instantly ready to us. Furthermore, the InductWarm® system is only running when dishes are placed on top which not only increases energy-efficiency but also safety. And keep in mind, there is low risk of burning because no hot water or burning paste are used and the surface of the induction device is not heated up directly.

Operation, comfort and food quality

The InductWarm® system enables you to keep warm different types of food at the most suitable temperature due to very precise power regulation and programmable power levels. The Dynamic Power Control feature detects the inductive parameters of the dish and automatically controls the power stage – for long-lasting high food quality. No external ring or sensor is required. It is easy to switch between four power levels via touch of a button. Extra benefit for guests: no smell of burning past and pleasant indoor climate as the room is not heated up by hot holding devices.

Modern and individual buffet designs

Whether with undercounter, built-in or tabletop devices of the label InductWarm® you are completely free to create buffets according to your requirements – buffets which perfectly match your location’s interior design. Just switch to the website of Gastros Switzerland and get an impression.


With its InductWarm range, Gastros Switzerland offers innovative buffet solutions for keeping food warm based on induction technology.

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  • Keeping food warm with induction technology has numerous benefits