Undercounter, built-in or tabletop induction units for buffets

by | 12 Jan 2021 | Products

The Swiss label InductWarm® includes a wide variety of induction units for hot holding that meet different user requirements. Whether undercounter, built-in or tabletop device – choose the solution that perfectly suits your needs.

With innovative InductWarm® systems from Gastros Switzerland food can be kept warm efficiently on a base of induction technology in combination with all kinds of induction-compatible dishes. The system enables you to keep warm different types of food at the most suitable temperature due to very precise power regulations. InductWarm® combines extraordinary design with unbeatable convenience: the devices are simple to use, safe and both energy- and cost-efficient.

Which induction system perfectly suits your needs?

InductWarm® undercounter solutions
… for invisible installation underneath tables and countertops made of materials like artificial stone, glass or even wood. See more details on TOPHOTELNEWS.

InductWarm® built-in solutions
… that can be built flush into any type of surface. See more details on TOPHOTELNEWS.

InductWarm® tabletop devices
… for flexible and mobile use at any place. See more details on TOPHOTELNEWS.

Happy to provide consulting

Please get in contact with Gastros Switzerland (contact Gastros Switzerland here) or one of its distribution partners (see list here) all around the world to figure out the most suitable solution for hot holding that fully meets your requirements.


With its InductWarm range, Gastros Switzerland offers innovative buffet solutions for keeping food warm based on induction technology.

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  • InductWarm® combines extraordinary design with unbeatable convenience