Successful banquets with InductWarm® for hot holding

by | 25 Mar 2020 | Products

The InductWarm® 200 tabletop device sets a new standard for efficiency and safety as well as design

Bring your next banquet event – whether celebration or business conference – to perfection with the best possible presentation of warm dishes at the buffet.

Weddings, birthday celebrations, business meetings, conferences or seminars – events are the core business of a hotel’s banquet section. And banquet means perfection. Decoration, seating, the choice of dishes, everything has to be perfectly tailored to the type of event. But there is one thing, all banquet events have in common: warm food has to be served warm!

The InductWarm® product range of Gastros Switzerland offers an easy solution for hot holding which guarantees flexibility in handling and an elegant, modern look of the buffet as well – the InductWarm® 200 tabletop device based on the most modern induction technology.

Compact device, elegant design and instantly ready to use – the tabletop induction device totally fulfils the requirements of the banquet section. The set-up is done within seconds: Simply place the device right where it is needed, connect it to a conventional electrical outlet (input voltage range: ~110 – 230 V AC) and place any induction-compatible vessels on top. Without pre-heat period the induction device will keep food within the vessel warm straightaway.

Key features:·

  • One comprehensive warming zone of size GN 1/1 ·
  • This warming zone can be divided in three individually controllable zones of size GN 1/3
  • Two induction coils per warming zone allow to place several pots within one zone
  • Each zones offers four different power levels to keep different kinds of food warm with the most suitable temperature
  • Automatic shutoff when dishes are removed
  • With memory and restart feature that returns to the previously selected power setting when the dish is put back ·
  • Can be operated by remote control or integrated touch Panel

With its precious, compact, stainless steel frame and its embedded glass-ceramic top, the InductWarm® 200 tabletop device sets a new standard for efficiency and safety as well as design. Having received the international certifications CE, UL and ETL Sanitation (NSF) the InductWarm® 200 Tabletop brings that to proof.

InductWarm® combines extraordinary design with unbeatable convenience: Compared to conventional chafing dishes it is much simpler to use, safer and more cost-effective. Get more information on the website:


With its InductWarm range, Gastros Switzerland offers innovative buffet solutions for keeping food warm based on induction technology.