Counters with inset induction units for hot holding

by | 06 May 2020 | Products

Counter with InductWarm® 200 built-in units in a hotel in Germany

Modern buffet counters – whether placed in one hotel’s breakfast room, banquet area or restaurant – have to meet highest standards. They are more than just simple furniture.

Besides the look matching the interior design also functionality is an important key feature. A valuable add-on are integrated food warming solutions, such as the built-in induction unit InductWarm® 200 by Gastros Switzerland.

Subsequent installation possible

This induction unit was especially constructed to be flush-mounted in the counter’s surface. As it is also possible to integrate the built-in unit(s) subsequently into already existing furniture, it is an easy way to upgrade conventional counters to multi-functional state-of-the-art items. When following the installation manual the mounting is really simple – no matter what kind of material the counter’s surface is made from. The final look is both elegant and advanced, due to the glossy black glass-ceramic top with integrated touch panel. Besides the attractive design the top of the induction unit is also absolutely robust and easy to clean.

Functionality of the induction unit

Each InductWarm® 200 built-in unit comes with six induction coils to achieve a well-balanced heat distribution. The device offers a comprehensive warming zone of a max. size of GN 1/1 which can be split into three individually controllable zones, each of a max. size of GN 1/3. For each warming zone you can chose one of four power levels. Therefore it is possible, to keep different dishes warm at the most suitable temperature with just one induction unit. The device is controlled by the integrated touch panel or with an infrared remote control.

Efficient and safe technology

Thanks to the high energy efficiency of the InductWarm® built-in unit, up to three devices can be run with a normal 230V/16A power outlet. Without long pre-heat period the induction device will keep food within the vessel warm straightaway. If a vessel is removed from the unit’s surface, the device automatically switches off. It returns to the previously selected power level when the vessel is put back within 20 seconds.

Key Facts at a glance:

  • One comprehensive warming zone in the size GN 1/1
  • Can be split in three individually controllable zones in the size of GN 1/3
  • Four different power levels for each warming zone
  • For keeping food warm with all kinds of induction-ready vessels
  • Automatic shutoff when warming zone not in use and dishes are removed
  • With memory and restart feature that returns to the previously selected power level when the dish is put back within 20 seconds
  • With robust, glossy black glass-ceramic top
  • Controllable by integrated touch panel and infrared remote control
  • Certifications: IEC, CE, CB, UL, ETL Sanitation (NSF)

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With its InductWarm range, Gastros Switzerland offers innovative buffet solutions for keeping food warm based on induction technology.