Appealing buffet counters with hidden technology

by | 10 Feb 2021 | Products

Counters in different designs equipped with ‘invisible’ induction units

Food presentation matters! Not only in à la carte business but also at the buffet. So why not hide holding technology underneath the countertop to draw guests’ attention to delightfully arranged food presented on appealing buffet counters?

Hidden food-warming technology

The solution is simple: innovative undercounter induction technology such as the InductWarm 130+ unit of Gastros Switzerland. These induction units with all their technical components can be installed fully invisible under countertops made from various materials such as artificial stone, glass or even wood.

Visible is a multifunctional counter – able to keep food warm efficiently – with a look perfectly matching the interior design and ambience of the room. Whether rustic or noble, whether classic or modern, whether in a playful or clean design – choose materials, structures and colours for your counter according to your individual ideas and requirements. To get an impression, please watch the video below.

Control devices in a subtle design

The InductWarm induction units for keeping food warm can be operated using an infrared remote control or control panels.

These panels are designed to be inconspicuous and can also be hidden from the eyes of guests through clever placement. They can be installed, for example, in the plate rack of the counter or in drawers that harmoniously complement the design.

Food presentation in attractive dishes

To present warm dishes attractively, you can use all types of induction-compatible dishes in combination with InductWarm induction technology.

The InductWarm product line includes fine, elegant, white porcelain bowls. But other crockery, pots and pans in every conceivable style are also suitable for keeping food warm with this induction system in an efficient and visually appealing way – if they are suitable for induction.

Impressions and information

See for yourself in the video which attractive buffet counters, in a wide variety of styles, materials and designs, have already been equipped with InductWarm undercounter induction systems.

More information, and technical data, about the InductWarm 130+ undercounter system is available on the website of Gastros Switzerland.


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With its InductWarm range, Gastros Switzerland offers innovative buffet solutions for keeping food warm based on induction technology.



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  • Counters in different designs equipped with "invisible" induction units