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A fascinating play of light – for a distinctive hotel facade

by | 13 May 2020 | Suppliers

Façade design with HAWA Frontego matic, Hotel La Maison. (Photo: André Mailänder)

Sliding shutters are an attractive design element for creating unique building façades. They give hotel guests individual control over their desired views to the outside and inside of their rooms. This ensures a varied appearance of the façade during the day and a fascinating play of light at night.

In a hotel, it is not only the inner values that matter, but also the outer ones. Whether on the Internet or on arrival on site, the more attractive a hotel building appears from the outside, the sooner a room is booked and the more positive the feeling when entering the lobby. Nowadays, there is great demand for modern hotel architecture with large windows. The challenge is to find the perfect way to darken the rooms. The design must be convincing whilst allowing the required amount of light into the room and remaining easy to operate.

Storey-high sliding or folding sliding shutters – which can be fitted with motorized drive on request – are the ideal solution. They offer optimum protection from the sun, privacy and just the right level of darkening. They also represent an attractive architectural element. Whether open, half-open or closed, the constantly changing arrangement of the sliding shutters makes the hotel façade that little bit more interesting during the day – as well as at night.

Providing shade – saving on cost

The hardware systems from Hawa Sliding Solutions offer a wide range of options for implementing sliding or folding sliding solutions of this kind. The HAWA Frontslide can be used to create sliding shutters with an individual weight of up to 140 kilograms, for instance. The “Symmetric” version can even be opened synchronously on both sides. The “matic” version ensures maximum comfort, allowing guests to operate the shutters simply at the push of a button. Another possibility are folding sliding shutters which, when opened, are positioned at 90 degrees to the side of the window front to save space. Hawa can provide the matching fittings: HAWA Frontfold and HAWA Frontego matic, the latter with automated drive. All these systems are compatible with a wide variety of mounting options and are tested for corrosion resistance and wind resistance. Sliding shutters on hotel façades offer noise protection and increase guests’ comfort. As sun and weather protection, they help to reduce the costs of cooling and heating buildings.



Rediscover the possibilities of modern sliding systems and their advantages, time and time again – with Hawa Sliding Solutions.



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