THE SLID WORLD: New applications for greater architectural freedom

by | 09 Dec 2020 | Products

Choose among SLID sliding and folding options to create elegant XXL interior partitions. Klein Soft Braking device is new to the sliding option.

Choose between sliding and folding SLID architectural interior system to achieve a “wood, from floor to ceiling” effect, with XXL panels weighing up to 150 kg.

You have confirmed that large mobile panels are exceptional tools when it comes to interior design, especially in this era in which we need these spaces to be extremely capable of transforming and adapting.

For this reason, and to give you more freedom in your projects, we have extended our SLID line to include XXL panels, up to 150kg.

The same SLID track as always, with its usual simplicity and impeccable finishes, is now more customizable than ever, offering a folding version in addition to the classic sliding version, both available in recessed and exposed options.

Thus, SLID offers 2 different movements for achieving the same “wood, from floor to ceiling” effect, with XXL panels weighing up to 150 kg:Sliding movement with the new Klein Soft Closing – KSC braking mechanism, improving even further the user experience with large-scale panels, reducing the need to drill the door to a minimum. Upper and retrac sliding applications are available. In either case, you can choose an exposed or recessed installation for maximum architectural integration. Discover new SLID here.

New folding movement with Central or Side folding, in retrac applications with recessed or exposed installation, in the following configurations:2 panels or 2+2 folding panels, without floor tracks (SLID PAR),5 folding panels, with a bottom track (SLID FOLD).

We are experts in interior architectural systems. We put the utmost enthusiasm and professionalism into designing and producing technologically perfect applications, made for the enjoyment of the final user, and offering a sense of calm and comfort for professionals.

What do you think about this expansion of the SLID world? Do you have a project where it could be valuable? Contact us HERE so we can offer you support.




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