TECEsquare: Perfectly shaped operating comfort on the toilet

TECE is now updating toilet flush plates with new, innovative metal colours and glass surfaces, adopting the latest design trends from the interior and fittings sector.

With its timeless shape and high quality materials, the TECEsquare toilet flush plate is the favourite of many architects and bathroom planners. TECE is now updating it with new, innovative metal colours and glass surfaces, adopting the latest design trends from the interior and fittings sector. 

Toilet flush plates may not be the focus of bathroom planning, but a carefully chosen and well-designed product such as TECEsquare can help a bathroom achieve perfection or lend it a particular accent. 

The design classic is now once again setting strong accents at the toilet with new metal and glass surfaces – all independent interpretations of an “architectural style” that end customers, interior designers and bathroom planners are currently looking for. Particular eye-catchers in the revised TECEsquare range are the two new metal surfaces “Rusted Steel” and “Brushed Nickel”. 

Individually refined or elegantly brushed 

In particular, the matt surface in a noble rust look transforms every wall into a small architectural landscape and references current trends in façade design - rusty surfaces are indispensable for a trendy industrial style. The manual finishing of the surface gives each piece a unique character – with the highest quality of workmanship in terms of material and mechanics. 

 The new nickel surface presents itself with an elegant, brushed structure, as metallic sheen also remains an important design theme in modern, high quality architecture. An aesthetic that is also protected from fingerprints by the anti-fingerprint finish; TECE also successfully applies this tried and tested process to the other metal surfaces.

Velvety matt premium look with glass 

The four new glass surfaces White, Black, Signal Grey and Sand Beige also stand for a timeless premium look with their high quality satin finish. Their glazes are fired behind glass, which gives the tiles an impressive optical depth effect, beautiful refractions of light and a light, transparent look. Matching white satin and black satin glass surfaces can now also be found in the TECEdrainline shower channel collection. 

 With the new surfaces, the TECEsquare architectural collection remains timeless while at the same time more up-to-date than ever. All existing and new models share the same durable technology and high quality finish, and are a component of the TECEsquare modular principle. This means, among other things, that any TECEsquare flush plate can be combined with any TECE cistern. 

Here you can find more information: https://spotlight.tece.com



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