SPEKKIO mirrors by Monteleone for the Marriott Rabat Hotel

Monteleone provided experience and style to the exotic and eye-catching Marriott Rabat Hotel in Morocco. We tell you about this project.

The Hotel Marriott Rabat is a landmark hotel in the tourist offer of the capital of Morocco, a 5-star hotel characterised by evocative ambiences, furnishings that tell the identity of the place, luxury services and comfort for every type of visitor.

A few facts about the Marriott Rabat Hotel

The hotel is a real gem, set in the city’s suburbs, a few steps from the Dâr-al-Makhzen, the royal palace and official residence of the Moroccan sovereign. 172 standard and deluxe rooms, 15 sparkling suites of more than 60 square metres, a presidential suite of 130 m2, as well as four restaurants, a conference centre and a wellness centre combine to make the Marriott Rabat Hotel an absolute excellence in the area’s accommodation offerings.

Inside, the hotel presents a décor that honours the local tradition, harmonising in a unique and coherent concept elements typical of the Arab context with an approach that goes towards modernity, hi-tech, comfort and relaxation.

The studio of Jean-Philippe Nuel

Jean-Philippe Nuel is a French architect who has chosen hotel architecture as his favourite field in which to display his art. Within the field of design for luxury hotels, the transalpine designer expresses his own vision, based on the characterisation of environments, sheltered both from ostentation as an end in itself and from expressions lacking in personality.

The Space Odysseys design studio carries forward the architect’s vocations, transforming into art design projects the fascinations that animate the style of Jean-Philippe Nuel, a leading exponent of the French conception of furnishing intended as a centre of convergence between elegance and practicality.

Monteleone mirrors for the Marriott project in Rabat

In this top-level context, we at Monteleone, proud representatives of Made in Italy and professionals in the custom production of mirrors for the luxury hôtellerie sector, were involved. We went in search of solutions that could combine, in keeping with Nuel’s approach, aesthetics with function.

We supplied illuminated bathroom mirrors, tailor-made high-design reflective designs, rigorously signed SPEKKIO, the brand that identifies our creations and signs them through silk-screen printing or self-adhesive labels. This is how our productions found their perfect setting in the sumptuous rooms of the Marriott in Rabat: the mirrors mark the space. The end result is before your eyes, here is a photographic account of a project we are proud to show you.

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