Selina will close out 2019 with final new opening in Colombia [Construction Report]

by | 03 Dec 2019 | Portfolio

Selina has become famous as one of Latin America’s most innovative companies. (Picture: Selina)

Selina is set to open a new property in Quindío before the end of the year to close out a highly successful 2019.

As hotel group Selina celebrates its first year of operation in the Colombian capital of Bogota, it aims to go out on a high for 2019 by opening one final property in Quindío.

Sebastien Pradairol, Head of Country for Selina, offered some insights into the group’s workings and plans for the future.

We find out more.

Selina finishes first year in Colombia in the black

Sebastien Pradairol and his parent company Selina have cause for celebration, considering they are finishing their first year in Colombia with healthy profits. The company took in more than USD $1m in revenue in the past 12 months and will close out the year with a positive bank balance.

The success of Selina’s offering can perhaps be attributed to its specific niche which is geared towards millennials, and digital nomads in particular, offering a lifestyle hotel experience to guests who are free to work from anywhere.

Pradairol elaborates on this, saying, “We differentiate ourselves in the sense that we are not only accommodation, but we offer beautifully designed places to inspire authentic and meaningful connections with people, places and communities around the world. Likewise, this year we received recognition from Fast Company in which we are part of the top 10 most innovative companies in Latin America.”

The future of Selina in Colombia and beyond

Selina has invested heavily in Colombia, with Pradairol estimating the figure at around USD $10m.

He says, “We are in a process of expansion and consolidation in the Colombian market. In the next six months, we will be announcing the opening of new hotels in different destinations where we already have operations, the coffee axis being an area that is in our closest panorama.”

As well as the Quindío property, which is located within the coffee triangle, which is due to open before the year is out, there are additional hotels planned in Guajira and Boyacá. These will join Selina’s current locations in Colombia, which are in Medellin, Bogota and Cartagena.


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