Hilton’s Focus on Sustainability

With sustainability and responsible sourcing, a top priority for Hilton Supply Management, they sat down with Meveca to discuss sustainable luxury dining solutions and how they are helping their customers go green with the livecookintable® Baukasten.

Hilton Supply Management has been working in the US with Meveca in the past, due to their focus on sustainable suppliers, such as livecookintable®. Therefore, it made sense to extend this partnership in Europe. Moreover, already a long-time client in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region, it was a great pleasure for livecookintable® to support Hilton International, in partnership with Meveca, at the Hilton GM&E Event to kick off 2023 at the Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Multiple reasons support Hilton’s decision in partnering with Meveca and its’ suppliers, namely livecookintable® for projects and internal events. The below interview with the team conducted by Hilton shines a light on the benefits of this portfolio.

1.Meveca is a leader when it comes to “sustainable luxury solutions.” Can you tell us a little bit more about that space and what it includes?

At Meveca, we aim to be at the forefront of innovation while committing to sustainable solutions. We create luxury, smartly designed, sustainably sourced and energy-efficient F&B solutions for many industries, from hotels, sporting arenas, teaching kitchens, cruising lines, and many more. We are the one-stop shop for all hospitality dining solutions – live cooking, buffet display, banquet furniture, and in-room dining equipment.

2.Why is it so important for you as a company to focus on sustainability?

In our eyes, the future of hospitality goes hand in hand with the future of our planet. At Meveca we believe that world-class manufacturing begins with respect for people and the environment, which is why we place so much emphasis on sustainability.

3.What role do your suppliers play in the process?

We work with livecookintable® and other suppliers who share our commitment to making products responsibly and sustainably. The plays in our core values. In fact, we have a high in-house production depth.

4.In your opinion, why aren’t more luxury hospitality providers offering sustainable options?

There are a number of factors that stop luxury hotel suppliers from offering sustainable options. Some of these are:

-Resistance to change – Transitioning to an eco-friendlier business requires a new way of thinking, an enormous amount of planning and research, and a long-term commitment to ensure sustainability which many suppliers are just not fans of.

-Cost-Effectiveness – Going ‘Green’ is a costly process that many suppliers just can not afford to do.

-Reliability of the material – Finding suppliers who provide materials that are sustainable but also provide great functionality is incredibly difficult. The step is usually a deterrent in going down the road of offering sustainable options.

5.What Meveca products do you think have (or will have) the greatest positive impact on sustainability?

Our modular buffet equipment THE BAUKASTEN livecookintable®, allows you to get amazing ROI out of your purchase with one table lasting ten-plus years with only all modules needing to be exchanged. This requires less manufacturing, shipping, etc and in turn less environmental impact. Also, the system has been known to reduce food waste by up to 35% with some Fortune 500 companies winning awards for food waste reduction.

Our linenless banquet, conference, and cocktail table range allows our customers to reduce their carbon footprint by saving energy and water. Our tables sustainably sourced high-quality materials also allow for longer-term usage periods, lessening the need for constant equipment refreshment.

Finding a solution for mankind’s energy hunger is the top priority to make a supply chain truly sustainable. Meveca aims to be part of an energy solution in the hospitality industry. So, if I would have to name one product it is our mobile battery. In terms of capacity, mobility, and reliability it is a game-changer as it allows customers to fully rely on renewable energy and become carbon neutral.

6.The world is clearly evolving, and sustainability is becoming more available in the luxury arena. What is your process when bringing together these two important features?

Luxury and sustainability are widely regarded as two poles. At Meveca we believe in quite the opposite: clean air and water, natural materials and beauty, and fresh food all these elements are the most primitive comfort and a true luxury experience. Therefore, we conceptualize our equipment from an operational viewpoint and provide not only a product but a solution. For example, how does our equipment reduce food waste and drive ROI? We not only think about the long livity of a product, but also the following live circles and how to recycle our materials leaving no waste for future generations. This is why our most powerful battery is made of upcycled car batteries and will be recycled again.

7.How does your team of experts work with customers to implement these products?

Our team is what makes us stand out from our competition. Our deep knowledge and passion for the F&B industry gives us the edge we need to fully understand our client’s needs and therefore execute projects. Our expert team consists of designers, architects, chefs, hoteliers, sales, and after-sales support. We are with our clients every step of the way. We don’t think in products, we think in solutions.

8.Does that knowledge and support extend to environmental considerations?

Yes, this is a huge factor now more than ever. More operators and restaurateurs want to save natural resources and energy to reduce costs and support green initiatives. Meveca can consult on how to effectively lower costs and impact on the planet. Little things like lighting features for environmentally friendly usage, surfaces, and numerous other details can make a difference in a project and our environment. To fully capitalize on the environmental and cost benefits we closely work with our customers like HSM.

9.Do you only work with properties that can meet a specific price point?

Quiet the opposite. Meveca is a completely solution-driven brand, offering products that cater to all budgets and requirements. We work thoroughly with our clients to understand their needs and then offer solutions that fit into their budgets accordingly.  Our modular lego-like system allows our clients to add equipment whenever the additional budget allows. It’s a win-win situation.

10.So we’ve talked about your commitment to sustainability and your comprehensive customer support. Can you tell us a little bit about the design and quality of your products?

Our modular buffet equipment THE BAUKASTEN livecookintable® is German-designed and carbon-neutral “Made in Germany”. It’s the most durable and efficient professional equipment in the market. We use recycled material and our products are treated with anti-bacterial surfaces. We’re particularly proud of our flexibility to adapt our processes to any idea or expectation that different customers or brands aspire. At Meveca, we aim to be at the forefront of innovation, delivering the most stylish and the most thorough hospitality dining solutions. Winning the most prestigious innovation and design prices is a great recognition of our efforts.

11.Is there anything else those interested in hospitality need to know about Meveca?

We believe that food is the most primitive form of comfort. We inspire Chefs to bring back the fundamental importance of it. By embracing creativity, innovation, and sustainable practices in every product we design, we empower chefs and hospitality professionals to provide remarkable moments and a unique dining experience. We are proud of what we do and proud of being about the provide our clients with equipment that are they beyond satisfied with.



Livecookintable is a German company that produces premium live cooking stations for some of the most exclusive establishments worldwide.