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Handmade masterpiece

Feel the Mediterranean breeze. Discover the experience of the most natural relaxation. Travel within comfort in the sweetest dreams. Enjoy each day full of the Mediterranean energy. Taste the experiences of the most revitalising sleep.


Feel the Mediterranean breeze. Discover the experience of the most natural relaxation. Travel within comfort in the sweetest dreams. Enjoy each day full of the Mediterranean energy. Taste the experiences of the most revitalising sleep.

Listen to the lullaby of the Mediterranean nymphs. Get inspired by everything you love about the earth and the sea of the Mediterranean. Let go in the hands of Morpheus and take you away.

Touch the high quality of the most natural materials. Embrace your needs and your desires and create the mattress of your dreams. Experience the quality and comfort in your sleep with the stamp of the Mediterranean.

Wake up in the Mediterranean

There. There, where your mind ‘travels’ wherever the heart takes it. There, where you feel fulfilled, creative, blessed. There, where you meet magical landscapes, endowed with the charms of nature.

There, where the light blue sea meets the blue sky and, joining together with the green of nature, they reach to coasts with crystal-clear waters. There, where people talk with their hands and laugh with their soul.

There, where, even when you close your eyes, you can still see the sun, the colours, the sea. Where, even when you close your ears, you can still hear the distant melodies and the sound of the roaring sea. There, where you can touch the soft cotton, the pure wool.

There, where the tastes and the aromas dominate everything…thyme and lavender…there, where the nature calls you to run, to play, to love, to discover, to become one with it. There, where, as you sink deep into a sweet sleep…you wake up in the Mediterranean!

This ‘awakening’ in the world and in the Mediterranean aura is what we want to bring to all of you that choose a Candia product. Because, to us, everything we create is a tribute to our roots, it is the transubstantiation into a resting experience inspired by everything we love and enjoy upon the earth and into the sea of the Mediterranean.

And so, we create for you mattresses of ‘dreams’ to offer you a sleep so good and restful that when you wake up you feel ready to enjoy every moment of the day full of energy and good spirits.

Natural materials

The Mediterranean. The natural elements of the Mediterranean know well the secrets for a good life, for harmony and balance! The soil, the rock, the sea, the olive tree. That is why all of us at Candia carefully observe and trust her secrets.

Every day, we learn from the Mediterranean nature and keep the best that she has to offer: The most natural elements to create mattresses that reach perfection! Because we should all feel that sleep is a special experience, that doesn’t depend on season, fashion and the demands of modern life.

With respect, know-how and experience, our craftsmen use natural materials with the finest techniques at all times and a handmade finish from the first to the last stage of production, offering the perfect result for a relaxing and refreshing sleep.

In specific, Bodyfix handmade mattresses are made exclusively from natural materials, without the use of any glue or chemical substitute and thousands of springs, to follow the shape of the body, thus offering a unique sense of sleep.

By hand

The people of the Mediterranean always ‘talk’ with their hands. The hand is their way of expression and creativity. And perhaps the only way they know from their long tradition, which leads to a flawless creation to perfection. This is why in the Mediterranean the love for anything handmade remains alive and priceless.

Fast paces of life and the ever-growing demands of the modern age have imposed industrial processes that often create products of a lower quality compared to handmade.

In a world of mass production of mattresses, Candia dares to differ, based on our belief that there is only one way to create a true masterpiece: by hand!

Nothing else can replace the quality and unparalleled feeling of a handmade mattress. No machine can replace our specialised mattress craftsmen, their skills, their experience and commitment.

And in Candia, our collaborators always have a leading role. They are Mediterranean people, passionate, uncompromising for quality and always working with a vision and determination until they reach an absolute result.

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Candia is a family-run, second-generation, Greek company, and for about half a century has delivered exceptional sleeping experiences around the globe by producing beds, mattresses and bedding goods.