Can you use your livecookintable® equipment outside?

It's summer across Europe and our very own headquarters is seeing its hottest day of the year in July, which begs the question: Can we move our livecookintable® outside, and what do we do during those quick unforeseeable summer rains?

For livecookintable®, with flexibility at its core and the ability to really set up anywhere, the materialism always had to answer to an outdoor setup. The outdoor line can be seen across multiple cruise lines and ships, be it sea or river cruises. The cruising industry has quickly seen the benefits of livecookintable® on-board ships after the launch of the Baukasten. And all-year around terraces be it catering, restaurants or hotels followed.

Besides the many outlets, livecookintable® can already be used indoors, this extension to the outside gives our clients and their operations even more outlets and locations to set-up in. Looking at cruising, the biggest industry in our outdoor segment, their main areas of use are pool decks, panorama lounges, or even once-in-a-while, sports decks for special events. Catering clients mostly step out on their stadium fields, rooftop terraces, or into the wild like on the beach or forests. And lastly, hotels can make use of their prestigious terraces be it beach, rooftop, or mountain view. 

Of course, the main priority is to protect the material itself, namely tabletops, furniture, frames, and blinds. Starting at the base, all frames and table legs are made of the highest-grade stainless steel making them seaworthy. Table tops and furniture are made from laminate compact boards for outdoor use, even in salt, water, snow, and ice, and do not require any additional edge protection. Lastly, our well-known vegan synthetic leather blinds outdoor edition is made to resist saltwater, are waterproof, resistant to oil and grease, weather-resistant, UV-stable and lightfast.

Live cooking or any other functions can only be achieved by converting the above-mentioned ambient tables and furniture to cooking stations by adding different devices, such as induction, grill, wok, you name it. To protect these appliances and provide storage solutions, we have developed device trolleys for individual storage or device carts for multiple devices. These options are designed to facilitate dismantling, store extra devices not in use, or provide long-term storage during off-season periods like winter months. Having such a versatile setup can be convenient for various purposes, such as hosting live cooking demonstrations, accommodating temporary cooking needs, or maximizing space utilization in a multifunctional environment. The ability to convert furniture into cooking stations and store appliances when not in use adds flexibility and efficiency to the client’s overall setup.

Sadly, we all know especially in Europe we are not blessed with consistent sunny summer days let alone weeks. So, setting up the terrace and moving mid-dinner indoors occurs way too often no matter how often we check the weather report. The priority then becomes your guests and their well-being. That is why a quick throw-over slipcover for all livecookintable® products such as rain covers has been designed to serve multiple purposes. Not only does it make it easier for your chefs and operations teams to protect the cooking stations from water and dirt, but it also helps safeguard your investment by preventing any potential damage.

Additionally, using the slipcovers year-round, even when the appliances are not in use, can help minimize the cleaning required due to outside influences. By covering the tables and furniture with slipcovers regularly, you can prevent dust, dirt, and other environmental elements from accumulating on the surfaces. This approach not only saves time and effort in cleaning but also helps maintain the aesthetic appeal of the livecookintable® products. Regularly covering them with slipcovers provides an additional layer of protection against debris, ensuring that the tables remain in good condition and are ready for use whenever needed. 

Fully equipped for any weather in all locations, the outdoor material and rain cover combo, are the livecookintable® product choice of any season. 



Livecookintable is a German company that produces premium live cooking stations for some of the most exclusive establishments worldwide.