A hotel owner’s guide to innovation & their hotel projects

by | 09 Mar 2020 | Suppliers

The hotel industry has been rife with two buzzwords lately – innovation and sustainability. What does this mean for hotel owners looking to successfully execute their hotel projects?

Hotel guests are demanding better standards, better services and better technology to make their stay as seamless as possible. While luxury hotel stays are evolving from opulent and decadent to sustainable and pragmatic, the common thread remains innovation. Traditional business laws dictate constant renewal, disruption and innovation. With affixed hotel properties, this is more difficult to accomplish – refurbishments, depending on the scale and extent, can lead to a property being closed until completed costing the owners time and money.

However, it can be made possible with proper planning, long-term strategic vision and the right team to support that.


If hotel owners are looking to adopt the ‘innovation’ philosophy, the tone must be set from very early on within their project timelines. It can begin as early as concept meetings with designers and procurement consultants. Designers today are investing more time and effort in devising creative solutions that meet requirements of the global traveler. This requires them work closely and collaboratively with procurement consultants who can advise on operational efficiency and long-term use. Consultants must conduct frequent site and factory visits to develop specifications that are more suited for contemporary needs. For example, the concept of hotel lobbies has since evolved – popular with freelancers and millennial business travelers, hotel lobbies can now function as an F&B outlet in their own right. It can now be a veritable revenue generator if equipped with comfortable, sturdy furniture and contemporary design elements. Strategically placed USB and charging ports and free Wi-Fi can easily transform your current hotel lobby to encourage and welcome hotel guests.

Guests today are also concerned with their carbon footprint. Hotel properties, along with being innovative and contemporary, must also be ecologically conscious. For existing properties, this can range anywhere from banning use of single plastic across their hotel to installing rain showers to reducing paper use by changing their guest check-in options.


Provision Advisory Services (PAS) has recently launched services that allow hotel owners to avail of advisory services at critical junctures across their projects. With over $44 billion in annual purchasing spend, Provision consultants can prepare exacting BoQs and preliminary budgets along with working closely with operators and designers to develop specifications and conduct thorough quality assurance and control during manufacturing. Their experience ranges across North America, Europe and Middle East. Their team of experts ensure alignment of strategic goals along with advising on sustainability and innovation.

To schedule a consultation for your hotel project, write to [email protected].


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The #hotel industry has been rife with two buzzwords lately – #innovation and #sustainability, says #Provision.



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