Eight key hospitality payment trends to accelerate your growth in 2022 and beyond

by | 03 Mar 2022 | Products

Discover eight hospitality payment trends to boost your hotel occupancy and improve customer experience.

The pandemic may have temporarily stalled the ambitions of travellers, but there can be little doubt that many are poised to explore the world once again, just as soon as the global pandemic abates.

As vaccination rates rise and effective treatments emerge, countries are already tentatively reopening their borders, recognising that travel restrictions are, at best, a blunt tool to manage outbreaks. People are keen to take advantage, with travel returning faster and with greater vigour than anyone might have predicted in the heat of the crisis.

The right payment system allows hospitality businesses to lean into the recovery. It helps businesses to manage their staffing crises by allowing them to do more with less.

It allows them to rebuild relationships with their customers, to understand those customers better and to provide them with the services they need at the right price points. It also enables them to manage hygiene and sustainability factors and give clear reporting for stakeholders.

Chris Lanckbeen, global sales director for travel and hospitality at Worldline, has identified the target priorities that hoteliers will need to futureproof their businesses:

“The hospitality industry had a lot of challenges in 2021, particularly in travel, but it has recovered well in the second half of the year. Most importantly, where it has recovered, it’s done far better than expected. In particular, business travel – which many thought would be permanently weakened – has come back quicker and stronger.

“Increasingly, travel restrictions are not a barrier. While the pandemic has seen some restrictions reintroduced, they have generally been short-term, and governments have often thought better of their initial restrictions. Against this backdrop, the recovery is likely to continue.

“But hospitality groups must be nimble to take advantage, and getting the right payment processing in place is a vital part of that. It’s about centralising every aspect of the payment journey in a fully integrated way.

“This can help hospitality groups improve their service offering at a time when staff are hard to find, gain valuable insights into their customers when traditional loyalties have been hard to manage, and build a better and more sustainable business for the future.”

Because payment is at the heart of the hospitality business, it is key for all hoteliers to get the latest trends on the industry.

Worldline is pleased to share the eight hospitality payment trends that will support you in boosting your hotel occupancy and improving your customer experience in our latest whitepaper – download the whitepaper here.

Discover WL Hospitality Suite, Worldline’s payment solution for the hospitality industry.

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