The evolution of an icon

The iconic ILBAGNOALESSI collection from LAUFEN returns in a completely renewed look, the result of the evolution of materials and continuous technological research.

Since its debut 20 years ago, ILBAGNOALESSI has represented a completely new approach to the design of the bathroom space, made possible thanks to the interaction of the two companies, LAUFEN and ALESSI.

ILBAGNOALESSI designed by Stefano Giovannoni is one of the most successful long-term collections by LAUFEN which, together with design brand ALESSI, has reinterpreted classic archetypes with fluid and soft shapes, giving the objects an organic almost sculptural character.

The evolution of ILBAGNOALESSI coincides with the important technological progress, in terms of materials, that has been made in the bath furnishings sector over the last few years. The ongoing research conducted by LAUFEN on ceramics has made it possible to formulate a unique, extremely strong and malleable material that is also very thin, permitting the creation of daring forms that would have been unthinkable 20 years ago. Thanks to Saphirkeramik, an extraordinary high-performance material that becomes a link between past and future, it has been possible to design new washstands and washbasins with ample, soft and fluid forms, which seem to be almost weightless.


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