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New hi tech ”invisible” electronic gadget for your Hotel rooms

by | 13 Feb 2020 | Suppliers

Smart Water Display integrated in Mirror

Impress your customers with our smart water flow monitor

Defcon’s flow monitor is designed to raise awareness of people using water.
To foster a better use of water we display the total / partial consumption in real time when any bathroom tap is opened.
The display is integrated in the mirror, and remains invisible while taps are closed. It does not interfere with any decoration style.

Example of assembly in Touristic Apartments

It complementary to other mechanical devices such as aerators, eco / temporized taps, flow reducers….which are commonly used in Hotels.
We measured average 12% water saved in hotels. For a 4* 100 room hotel it means 3500m3 water saved / year.
Half of the water saved is hot, which means , 98Mwh of energy + 45 Tn CO2 are saved / year too.
The return of investment is 1,7yrs in Bremen, Berlin, Gent, 1,5yrs in Copenhagen, Aarhus , 2,7 years in Barcelona / Madrid.
Just like the towel policy, this method is 100% voluntary, based on small changes in human behavior, therefore, no compromise with customer satisfaction.

Helps achieve near Zero Energy Buildings and fullfill new stricter EU directives for new & refurbished buildings. No maintenance required, installation in a new building takes 20 min.

Its not just for our finances; we have an ethical obligation to preserve natural resources.


Defcon's flow monitor is designed to raise awareness of people using water. To foster a better use of the water we display the total / partial consumption in real-time when any bathroom tap is opened.


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