Maldives hotel to roll out ‘Beach Bubble’ perfect for social distancing

by | 08 Jun 2020 | Design

Hotels are having to develop innovative concepts to attract guests in the post-Covid19 world. (Picture: Seaside Finolhu)

The Seaside Finolhu hotel in the Maldives is introducing a new room type that seems tailor-made for guests worried about catching coronavirus.

When the Seaside Finolhu hotel on the idyllic island of Baa Atoll in the Maldives reopens in July 2020, it will be launching a novel room concept designed to lure guests to its shores. The Beach Bubble room is a private cocoon with a prime location on the beachfront, ideal for vacationing in a post-Covid19 world, according to Globetrender. We find out more.

Seaside Finolhu prepares to reopen

Covid19 has devastated the international hospitality industry, and lots of island nations, which rely heavily on tourism as a mainstay of their economies, have been particularly hard hit by the shutdowns. So there can be no doubt that hotels in these regions are eager to attract guests again, although they are having to come up with innovative ways to get noticed by customers, who are sure to be more conscious of hygiene and sanitation than ever before.

The Seaside Finolhu hotel on the Unesco-protected Maldividian island of Baa Atoll is one such hotel that is relaunching with new ideas about how to allow guests privacy and security, but with all of the luxury and exclusivity one would expect from a Design Hotel property in an exotic location. Enter the Beach Bubble guestroom.

Holiday in a bubble

The Seaside Finolhu hotel is spread over four islands in the Maldives and consists of 125 private overwater and beach villas. When it reopens to the public, it will feature a new beachfront villa typology, that of the Beach Bubble. This room type was not specifically designed for social distancing following the coronavirus crisis, but in a lucky twist of fate, it is absolutely ideal for it.

Guests choosing to stay in the Beach Bubble will find their lodgings located on a private sandbank away from the rest of the property, and the guestroom is enclosed in a transparent bubble, from where visitors can take in the epic sunrises and sunsets. The room can be booked overnight, and included in the price (£570 per night), is a private Bubble butler and chef, who will prepare a beachside barbeque and deliver delicious drinks to the secluded enclave.

The hotel adds that guests at the Beach Bubble “can expect a contemporary design mixed with a distinct organic edge, offering all the comforts of a hotel suite, including a double bed and bathroom”.

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