Looking for a meaning…a chef’s approach to cooking

Hotel Le Clair De La Plume
Looking for a meaning, the dishes served in Le Clair de la Plume obey one single rule: The one stated by nature itself.

What Mother Earth gives us

The Chef’s commitment to local is radical: everything served in his restaurant should come, when possible, from a producer located at less than 70km. Products should be local and seasonal. All the protein comes from local producers. “Our pigeons come from Le Pigeon de Monsieur Durand located at Roche-St-Secret, less than 17km away. The guinea fowls are from Quentin Edmont, 12km from here. The pigs are from the Ventoux.” explains Allano. And all the vegetables also come from local producers such as Sylvain Erhard.

No beef nor veal will be found in Allano’s menu. Because it’s not produced in the region. No fish will be served if it is not seasonal. In other words, no consumption that could jeopardize the very fragile balance of the ecosystem.

“When you look for something you find it”. And usually it is right there, a few miles away. Unexpected encounters can come from this search. Like finding producers of vinegar at « La vinaigrerie de l’Apparat » in Nyons. Or getting almonds from Monsieur Losier à Château-neuf-sur-Rhône just a few kilometers away.

Respecting the season

The season dictates when and how much is given to us. Therefore, the menu cannot be a fixed thing and must be adaptable. Same for the customer. When a Chef like Allano only works with local products, seasons are found in the plates. And customers understand it.

There is a sense of freedom in this way of cooking. Allano says, “there was, for me, a liberating impulse to be able to offer only what the producers were able to provide me, it gave us a new momentum to have something to tell that makes sense”.

A no waste strategy

How to achieve the best results with limited, or at least, given resources? By using every single piece of it. The perfect example is the lamb. Allano explains he gets 5 lambs. Not just racks, but the entire animal. If his menu was only about racks of lamb, he would need, to feed the same amount of people he is going to feed, around 60 lambs. Completely unreasonable!

In other words, Allano’s philosophy is “less waste, more creativity, more in line with our values… kind of what Revol is doing with their new collection No.W”.

Our job, for Revol and for our Eco Ambassadors like Allano is to explain our actions and why we took the time to achieve this. He highlights the importance of clarity in the message and in the flavors. So that Gourmets can embrace his authentic, fun and contemporary approach of cuisine!



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