Wall&decò at Secrets St Martin Resort & Spa – The place to be

by | 23 Dec 2021 | Products

Secrets St Martin Resort & Spa

Wall&decò Contemporary Wallpaper used in this project evokes the surrounding vegetation, as if to suggest a continuum between interiors and exteriors.

Immersed in the lush landscape of Saint Martin, the Secrets resort and spa is a place rich in visual input within which exotic scenery blends with clean and refined architecture, suggesting moments of seraphic tranquility.

Contemporary Wallpaper is the collection of wallpapers for interiors that develops the theme of macro-subjects, reproportioned each time on the wall to create real vertical stories.

Contemporary Wallpaper is available on three different substrates: CWC, the Wall&decò vinyl whose unmistakable weave generates a precious fabric effect; Bronzage, the vinyl with a metal effect designed to add a new value to surfaces and make them different each time as the incidence of light changes; and the ultra-modern, sustainable CWC-ECO.

Washable, excellent impact resistance, compliant with class B s2 d0 fire reaction standards, and low emission threshold certified, the substrates are suitable for indoors, both contract and residential use.

The Wall&decò graphics used in this project are a tribute to the luxuriant vegetation of the tropics, with a fresh, contemporary connotation expressed through outsized proportions.