Spectacular steel and glass staircase for research institute by MetallArt

by | 06 Dec 2021 | Products

Once again, the German staircase expert inspires with a brilliantly designed construction in a perfect synergy of materials at the Bühler innovation campus Cubic in Switzerland.

The highly modern glass cube in Uzwil in the canton of St Gallen houses eight development and training centres in the food, feed and advanced materials sectors. The research institution was opened in 2019 and provides space for 300 employees.

Together with partners from science and industry, the research teams develop new approaches and sustainable solutions in the areas of nutrition and mobility.

Self-supporting spiral staircase

In the light and modern building complex, the customised staircase construction serves as a premium design element with a decisive effect on the entire interior design. With a striking interplay of materials and technical features, it shows the fascinating art of advanced staircase building.

On the inside runs a balustrade steel stringer in box-type design with an elegant notch for the LED lighting system. The box-type stringer on the outer side accommodates the all-glass railing, which is completed by a stainless steel handrail.

In total, the staircase has an effective flight width of approximately 1,500 mm and consists of a folded tread step construction made of steel sheet. The harmoniously rounded transitions between the stairs and the bridge at the exit landing result in a homogenous overall appearance.

Sophisticated steel element for sculptural shapes and structural support

According to the evenly rounded design of the staircase, the smooth steel soffit, consisting of exactly shaped steel sheets, was welded between the stringers at the bottom side of the construction.

Due to the absolutely even and flush integration by highly qualified welding experts, the underside cladding improves the visual character of the stairs and contributes significantly to the structural support. The static gain leads to enormous material and weight savings and an improved vibration behaviour of the stairs.

Curved all-glass railing design with elaborate assembly technology

To guarantee a light and transparent design, curved all-glass panes with a thickness of 20 mm and a length of up to 1,200 mm each were inserted into the outer box-type stringer. A filigree stainless steel U-section, attached onto the panes, provides for the elegant upper finish of the railing.

The inner stainless steel handrail consists of a round tube attached to the panes. On the basis of its longstanding experience, MetallArt realised the demanding installation by employing a specially developed assembly method for all-glass railing systems, which results in a perfect and highly aesthetic appearance.

Comprehensive service for individual projects

Staircases by MetallArt are always amazing masterpieces. For its outstanding designs, MetallArt embraces the latest technologies in the sector of staircase building.

With vast knowledge and innovative ideas, the team develops sophisticated solutions and offers comprehensive support, including complete planning and all structural calculations and measurements required.




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